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Talking It's a Beautiful girl!

So I finally took the plunge, out here in b#$t-f%$k middle of no where saskatchewan There is only one pet shop, They over price all of their stuff (3.99 per ghost shrimp, just an example) and they don't take the best care of their bettas, you can really tell that they do try it's just not really good enough with the lazy staff and the uneducated consumer.

Anyways I was in there recently to buy more choir fibre for my Tigers tank (my old 20 gal long, had a nasty die-off when I used a product that was labelled as tank safe when it was definately not, so now it is my Tiger Sals), and I found my fave betta was still there, she has always caught my eye and she is the most friendliest betta ever, and it just so happens that they were out of choir, so I bought her.

Rigth now she is in a 5-gal water cooler jug that has been modified to be a tank, there is no true filter but I do have a makeshift filter that I built into the handle, there is the Moss ball chunks in the tank and various decorations, she is currently fed blood worms (frozen) and has her diet supplemented with what I would call "pinhead worms" (baby earthworms), and yes, she loves her worms like no tomorrow (I seen her eat a worm that was slightly larger than her mouth (circ not leng)),

If you have any tips or any suggestions feel free to add them (I love to learn), in a couple of days I will be going to Edmonton to help my mom move and I will be getting cash for my birthday (not much money to go around these days, but we get by) so while I'm down there I will be working on getting a larger tank and a heater+filter and maybe a few girls (or just save and buy from the store that I oh so loathe yet cheer for), so please don't mention the heater/filter.

P.S. yes, I will also be getting some pellet food as bloodworms and pinhead worms most likely won't be around year round nor would they be too good as a staple diet (pinhead worms maybe, bloodworms no).
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Talking oops...

I probably should have described her, she is a veil-tail with marble coloring, she has dark red as the main color and dark blues/blacks as the rest of her colors as well she has a neat white crescent where her tail meets her body (tail fin... i unno what else to call it), she has dark black on the edges of her fins and light silvery colors for the middle of her fins, she also has a lovely overall orange look to her with the rest of her colors either adding or mixing into her overall color., she is also what I would describe as piebald (her lips and eyes are the only features with any color other than fleshy pink, not much color either).

he belly is white and her eyes look black from a distance but appear with slightly shiny 'bags' under her eyes, she also has dark lips (almost black) so it looks like she is wearing lipstick, lol.

I haven't named her yet, but if I name her like most of my animals she will be named Miss Fish or Vanessa (vanessa is because of a girl at my school who me and my pals tease because anything she says can be easily twisted and we have recently gotten onto the topic of 'fishy things', lol, also don't worry about nessa, she is one of the guys too.
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beta novice
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i would take pics and yeah bigger tank the heater filter hiding places
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