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I got my anubias from PetCo in a tube and it's extremely healthy - I posted a picture in the "habitat" thread recently. I paid $5 where the LFS wanted $10 for the same size (I love supporting locally but I also have a budget). Anubias is my favorite plant (from my hubby's discus days) and ours grew so well we could split them and trade them with other people in the fish club. We also had a special java fern called a spider fern and it grew kinda fast. If you can get your hands on a spider fern, do it. It's a low-lying plant so it's different than the regular java fern. It's called "spider" because the leaves fork at the ends so it's much more textured than a regular java. It broke our hearts to part with those plants when my husband ended his discus hobby.

I won't buy plants from the tanks at PetCo, however, because our PetCo's tanks are absolutely covered in snails. They had very nice moss balls...covered in snails.
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I find the following plants to be idiot-proof: they don't require extensive lighting, ferts, and can be floated:

Java Fern, Anubias, Water Wisteria, and Bacopa caroliniana.
I have had Java Fern and bacopa in my low-low tech male tank for 2 months now, and they both still grow despite any CO2, ferts, and sunlight for ~4 hours a day.

Water changes will provide these plants all the nutrients they need.
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My favorite plants are anubias and java fern. They're both rhizome plants so they don't need to be planted in substrate, they can be stuck on rocks or driftwood. Java ferns can get pretty big though, so for a 5 gallon, I'd recommend anubias nana, petite or barteri. Great, hardy plants with little to no maintenance. They grow great with fertilizers, but they're not needed, they'll get nutrients from fish waste and water changes.
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