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You may want to do a little more research into those pillows. I may be wrong (I'm at the limit of my knowledge here) but I think the pillows do the same thing that water softeners do: they replace the calcium and magnesium with some kind of salt. That's not good for freshwater fish.

Most fill-your-own bottled water from a machine is RO these days. The commercial equipment is now cheap enough to make that feasible.

Let me know what you find out and what you decide. I'm following this thread with great interest.
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Out of curiosity since peat moss is an option, how does the ones that go in the filter affect the water?

Will that kind help with the pH lowering? I'm really curious since I have this kind and I don't have a filter so I use it in hand-sewn pouches like tea bags.

Maybe that kind could help with OP's problem?
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That sounds like a great idea Vergil. What are your results of your pH doing this.

Problem with peat and IAL and such: it lowers pH but does little to correct for the hardness (GH), which is the root cause of the high pH.
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This has become an interesting discussion.

The last thing I want to do is end up with fluctuating pH and stressing out my betta. So at least for now I'm sticking with the bottled drinking water, which I've used for over a year, and just going to try a little mixing of well water and drinking water in jars just to see what parameters I end up with. I've read that distilled water isn't good because it's totally lacking in minerals. So is drinking water okay for long term use? Or is my betta not able to get what he needs from that water? That was one reason I thought of mixing well water and drinking water. The pH of the drinking water, when taken from the tank, was 7.0 or 7.2, so I probably don't really want it much higher than that, right? I was wondering if mixing with well water increased it somewhat, whether there was something safe and natural that I could add to offset that, but if I don't want darkened water, it seems I may be stuck with the drinking water.

I'd be interested in hearing how the pillows work for you, Bugsieb63. I saw them in the Drs Foster & SMith catalog and wondered if they were any good. I considered switching to spring water too, but sounds like, from your experience, that this isn't the answer either.
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I asked about the pillows. My understanding is correct: they replace minerals with salt to achieve a false softening. Eventually they release all their salt and absorb all the calcium and magnesium they can. Then you can "recharge" them with salt solution. Don't know why they feel justified in selling stuff like that. It's arguably worse for fish that hard water.

Different brands of drinking water would have different chemistry, I would imagine. And I don't know anyone with a lab good enough to analyze them. Is some of that just remineralized RO water? I don't know any way of finding out. Didn't you or someone measyre "spring" water at >8.0pH?

Wild Betta live in environmental pH from 6.5pH to 7.2 pH. Some of the mountain river Betta might go higher. Some domestic Betta breed in up to 7.6pH. We assume that their offspring can thrive in that and higher.

Very interested in your observations, 1RB.

Peat moss will lower pH gradually and keep it at a minimum for a long time (I don't know how long). Eventually it runs out and needs to be replaced. Like anything, it works best in the filter. But it would have an affect no matter how you use it. Tea bags sound fine.

I should look deeper into it, but not right now.

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