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Old 03-24-2014, 08:38 AM   #1631 
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Thank you everyone! This really does me a lot to me!!! ^_^

I really hope I can do the mini paludarium/garden thingy I'm planning! I think it would look nice in the bathroom, rather tranquil! We have toooons of moss I can collect in the back, I think most of it is pillow moss but I've got to do some more reading about that to really start to identify some mosses! I want to see if I can sketch up some rough design too! I can see it in my head but I need to find a suitable container first! This one is absolutely beautiful but I'm not sure I want to spend 37 dollars on it >.< This one is more my price but I want a wider mouth:

So I think I will try some consignment shops to see what they've got!
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Old 03-26-2014, 10:10 AM   #1632 
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Ugg, so we got snow today but good news! The rest of the week is supposed to be around 50 degree's! Classic Nor'Easter Storm!

So on Monday I was able to print my second owl stone for those who are following along with that! It was soooo freaking difficult! Toshe is amazing but you can't get married to it as it's very difficult to keep its reticulation as I was showing a while ago, but I'm still happy with what prints I DID get from the stone! Poor cell phone picture but you get the idea!

But printing that stone was sooo difficult. Most of the time you have your larger roller with ink on it, you roll the ink on the stone for 8 times or 16 if you count each back and forth motion. Then you recharge the roller and go again for 8 times. So normally you do 3-4 reps of 8 rolls if that makes sense. For this stone I had to do FIVE reps! That's almost unheard of in our class at least lol. My issue was that there was too much Magnesium added to my ink (whoops) and Magnesium decreases the stretch of the ink like when you take the ink from the jar you get stringy bits much like melted cheese when it just doesn't break! So the Magnesium reduces that stretch and does something else with the grease that I don't remember, it also will let the roller catch moisture from the stone (you have to keep the stone wet while printing so we use a large sponge to get a little water over it and just keep it damp) which will cause issues with the ink and it won't make your image as dark.

So we had to counteract the magnesium with varnish and even that only works to a certain degree. In the end though I ended up with four like prints for my Editions (prints that look almost exactly the same) with around 9-10 other prints that didn't make the cut because they were too light lol. But I can play around with them with water colors to make them their own Artists Proof!

In all, I am soooooo sore it isn't even funny. We printed for TWO hours which would be fine if I didn't have to do 5 reps of 8 rolls and then crank the printing press and then roll more ink and ugg....I'm still dead and it's been two days! I also grained my stone though later at night for an hour and a half as well. Graining is kind of like erasing your image. Stone Litho is a chemical process where the grease actually sinks into the stone after some chemicals are applied; we use Nitric acid for this. So you have to grind off those layers of the stone that still hold can be quite the work out!

So you use three different grades of this powder stuff which I don't remember the name of. Basically the lower one; 100 grade, is coarse and will help with the grunt work of erasing the image. Then we go up to 180 which is finer and more like final buffing and then 220 which is the polish basically. But it's one hell of a work out because we use this circular device called a Levigator which looks like this and we've got three different sizes; Large, Medium and Small. The small one weighs around 30 pounds, the medium around 55-60 and the large is like 90 or something like that....Large is for very large stones around 22x30 inches or larger. My stone is around 19x13 so it's really weird but it's small enough. We routinely use the Medium Levigator.

So yeah....I'm dead...oh and the kicker of that is that I accidentally scratched my stone with the 220 ground which means I have to go back with the 100 and do it all over again to get the scratch out which would show up in my next print if I left it there >.> Thankfully it won't be as long, should only need around 15 minutes of work today but I'm just so done with graining my stone >.< I still have blisters on my thumbs from printing!!!

In the line of fish though since this fish journal lol

My Parrots Feather plants are growing amazingly!!! Seriously, they grow like 2 inches DAILY! I wasn't expecting that! In the 20 I was since it's a soil based NPT but the 29 is only FloraMax and PetCo Sand, no other nutrients really but I do dose SeaChem Flourish Comprehensive occasionally like twice a week. But I've accidentally skipped this week with all that stuff I've been doing so I'm still shocked that they've grown so much! Here was when I originally put them in last week:

And last night!

They aren't pearling, just hanging on to some bubbles there but they've really started to open up and grow! I'm a very happy keeper! I've gone a huge diatom bloom in the 29 but honestly, I don't mind too much; my tank is healthy and maturing quickly!

OH OH OH OH!!!!! Good news!!!!!!! My uncle who's the one who has cancer just had his second Chemo treatment and he's reacted well to it!!!! Hopefully the third and final one takes care of it all and he can live a few more years!!! He's only 47 and has so much more to live for, not just himself but for his kids too!! Thank you everyone for the support thus far, we're not out of the frying pan yet but it's a start at least!!!!!!!

<3's to all!
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Old 03-26-2014, 12:47 PM   #1633 
Reference Team
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Happy everything's going well, especially with your uncle!
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Old 03-26-2014, 03:57 PM   #1634 
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Thank you so much Matt!!!
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Old 03-26-2014, 04:53 PM   #1635 
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Old 03-26-2014, 08:13 PM   #1636 
beautiful Betta
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Your owl is great, and glad to hear your uncle is doing well.
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Old 03-28-2014, 10:53 AM   #1637 
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So far so good with my Uncle for this treatment! Here's to hoping he stays well!

Fishy world has been interesting! So I brought my three Oto's and 2 Yoyo loaches over to moms for the 29 gallon. I wanted to wait longer for the tank to actually mature for my Otos but these three are so hardy I can't even believe it! So I acclimated them and instantly they started on my brown and green algae! I definitely have enough in there to keep them easily for a week! The driftwood has tons of slime and fuzz on it for them to munch on if they so desire and then the walls are just covered with diatoms/green algae so they'll be so fat even by the time I go home on Saturday lol!

The 10 dainty cories I have in there now (from my LFS) seemed to be happy with the new fish additions, a few of them kept following the loaches around. It almost looked like they were protecting a territory but they didn't nip or nothing, just following the loaches as if curious lol. And then they'd switch to following the Oto's silly cories! But they are all thriving well and happy so I'm just happy this tank is going in the right direction. My Parrot Feather is almost to the top of the tank now! I'm going to have to trim it come Saturday!! Crazy stuff!

So Since my Moscow female has died I've just left the two other female guppies in that 13 gallon with Dario and one of the females has this....well the only way I can describe it is kind of like a fatty lump, not really as large as an abscess but like a column of it. It isn't fuzzy, not slimy looking. If come Saturday and she's still alive I'll get some pictures. I've thrown in some PP just in case, she's in QT at the moment and the other two fish seem uneffected by it but she seems to be declining in health.

The four baby guppies I have in their outside breeder box seem absolutely uneffected by all of the stuff that's been happening IN the tank >.< From Selkie to Red Boy to this Dario is still happy as all hell, pushing the guppies around; he's got quite an attitude for a tiny fish!

Male guppies seem to be okay although it seems like the internal parasite is moving from one male to another every week or so. I'm down to just 6 males some how, Selkie killed one of the three brothers I had originally ordered; she killed Tiger the one with the clear tail if you all recall any of the pictures I had. I found her in the act of destroying him and then proceeding to try to eat him >.> no wonder she's fat...she's eating all my guppies! So she's still in time out in a breeder box suctioned to the side of the tank inside. I don't know what to do with her! I'm thinking about adopting her out :-/ Especially since another situation has arisen.

So most you know that my dad is moving which means I get to get all my fish out of my dad's and to my moms which I'm almost there. Dad is taking MC and Ieli, the two cats but refuses to take Siberian!! Siberian is obviously my boy and I can't let him send him to a no-kill shelter or adopt him out!! He's got special needs and I don't want to part with him! Mom was considering letting me keep him at her house provided I take care of him obviously which I intend to do. But when I asked recently she said no! She said she's already taken on my fish (I offered money and she said no) and can't take on the cat either. So I'm thinking about telling her that I'm willing to take down my 13's and put no other tanks up; sell the 33, my two 5.5's, the 10, my various 3's and 2.5's and just keep my two 1 gallons for QT tanks for the 20 long and 29, just so I can possibly keep Siberian. I'm waiting for the perfect time to ask but it's so darn difficult to monitor her moods :-/

So if I do take down the 13's, males can go to Lucillia if she wants some, that or I'll just give them to my LFS provided they are healthy. Dario I can shove in a section of the 20 with someone, probably Isis since she doesn't have long fins for him to pick on and I know she won't kill him like Aero or Hawkeye. Or if worst comes to it he can go in the 29, or I can bring him to my LFS or adopt him out here :-/ And then guppy babies can go to Luci if she wants them too and/or adopt them out/give them to LFS.

I don't care what happens to them as long as I can keep Siberian, he's worth more to me than most of my fish. I love my fish but I've had him for four years now! I can't just give him away!
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Old 03-28-2014, 05:53 PM   #1638 
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I am so so sorry about your dilemma. One of my cat is with my parents, and I know he is well cared for, but I still miss him like crazy. I can't imagine how I would feel if I lost him. I really hope every ends up working out. *hugs*
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Old 03-29-2014, 02:36 PM   #1639 
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Thank you Feng! I hope it does too, otherwise I will not be a happy camper

Alright, pics are way long over due so when I get to my mom's tonight I promise to take pictures this time! lol
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Old 03-30-2014, 10:16 AM   #1640 
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So I did take pictures, I just didn't post them here XD lol I'm terrible! Okay! Pictures!

So Guppies first, another male died putting me down at....6 I think I counted this morning :-/ Kit-Kat is still in her time out, I'm not going to let her out until the two boys get most of their tails back unless everyone dies by then....
Here you see Snakeskin boy who's tail was literally all bitten off minus the little ribbons. He actually has amazing growth but it's all clear so you can't see it in the pics just yet.

One of the original trio that isn't doing so well.

Not his brother although the top guppy does look like the bottom one's brother!

So Steele is looking pretty damn good! The white dots are bubbles on the glass, not Ich.

Look at all that new tail growth!! I'm a happy fish keeper ^_^

He kept zooming around so I had to take pictures of him feeding lol

Spoon has been doing fantastically as well! Both fish are still up for adoption!

He's so darn adorable!

The 29 and how it looked last night! Parrots Feather have reached the top of the water!

Azazel showcasing his Feathers lol

Yoyo loach happily zooming around the tank! Oto's are nice and fat now as well as my 10 Dainty Cories! Everyone is all quite happy with each other which makes me happy ^_^

Remmy in his new home! He was happy and flaring this morning at himself when the lights came on lol

Mr. Blue Lips! I almost want to take Mr. Brightside the song and change it to fit Remmy haha

His ghosty is still alive as well and I just dumped the juvie Amano? into his side as well since he doesn't seem to be caring so much about them. lol, funny, he's got a taste for Guppy and Endler but doesn't care for shrimp what a silly boy I have!

View from above!

Isis being all pretty on the opposite end of Remmy

Above! She's got a pretty nice body if I do say so myself!

Mr. Grumpy Face!

I absolutely love this picture!

Looks like Aero is following the tradition of Dragons and Metallic's getting cysts :-/ he's got one/two behind each pectoral on both sides, you can see it well here

Two adorable faces!

I couldn't get Hawkeye to a) sit still long enough or b) show up on the camera since he's so dark >.< I'll get pics of him next time, maybe I'll tape a white piece of paper behind his compartment to make him show up better.
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