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it does look a lot like it except that his fins dont seem to be affected other than (I just noticed this) he seems to be involuntarily twitching them? should I keep the temp up to 80 and treat it as bacterial?

Also, it would make sense since it says its can be caused by bad water, handling, and moving. I had used 50% conditioned tap water (Bad idea) in his 10g tank and 50% spring water instead of 100% spring and thats when he got sick, plus it was a 100% water change so he was also moved around, and I had just taken out a hollow ornament that had slimey stuff in it. I feel so horrible now! I could have prevented this :( but I'm going to help him get better.

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Don't feel bad, sometimes these thing happen...
When a fish gets stressed (sick for 2 weeks) it can lower the immune response setting them up to catch anything in the tank, columnaris is in the tank all the time waiting to strike, the water change can decreased the number of bacteria, so water change is the least stressful compared to high bacteria,
It often will show itself on the face and mouth first, you want to keep up with the daily 100% water changes, add an airstone, lower the water temp slowly to 76F and add 1tsp/gal of aquarium salt up to 3tsp/gal.
There are two strains of this gram neg bacteria, a fast acting type that can kill the fish within 24h and a slower moving type that the fish can recover from, it like warm water, low to no water movement, high salinity, dirty water, so you need to make it hard for the bacteria to thrive by lowering temp, add salt and airstone and clean water. Using a broad spectrum antibiotic can be helpful and it needs to be give by mouth or injection and usually the fish will stop eating, antibiotic in the water can help but usually don't once it has staged out.
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Ok the airstone is in, I put his plant between him and it since it seemed to be pushing him around a little, plus the plant breaks the ripples a little so he can breathe at that side of the tank easily. I just offered him some food and youre right he already won't eat. I also have started lowering his temperature one degree every half hour. Right now he is in 24 oz of water..

24 ounces = 3/16 of a gallon
1tsp/gallon = 3/16th of a teaspoon of salt?

I have this medicine stuff with these ingredients: water, neomycin sulfate, methylene blue, proprietary polymer mixture, buffers, EDTA, malachite green chloride, cyanocobalamin and electrolytes.

Is that an antibiotic?

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Ok I got somewhat better pictures:

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