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Yesterday my boyfriend &I decided we wanted two more babies since our latest was getting rather large now. As were looking through at Petco, there were so many dead babies. In filthy water, of course. We're looking through and found an itty bitty white and red one, sunken to the bottom of the cup.. the week prior Nik wanted to buy him/her but we didn't since we had already set our eyes on the halfmoon double tail and veiltail adult males, we now call titan &edge.
I don't have any pictures of the precious thing. But nonetheless, I am sad we didn't get him or her when we had the chance. It's been bugging me since. I just want to save them all.
&shame on the pet stores who let their bettas get so horrible. I know it's possible to keep them in good conditions too, because at the nearest Petland they have about a hundred. All with their own personal bubblers, healthy and thriving. Seeing them in rough conditions, disgusts me. But that's besides the point.
S.I.P. Lil' Red. I'm sorry. ):
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I know exactly how you feel...Being a betta lover is never easy seeing a sick/dying betta. I usually prepare myself for the worst during my visits to pet stores. What helps me is instead find a manager and get it off your chest. you may feel intimidated or out of place but be strong and remember...these ppl are paid to take care of these fish! You'll feel alot better, and save some of those poor guys/girls in the long run!

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Aww! poor little one. It's discusting how pet stores run things. The pet store at the mall by my house has there bettas in nice looking tanks with air stones and its kept in a heated area. The bettas are healthy and they look pretty happy in there. I have only ever seen one that had passed on and it looks like it may have been simply from old age. To go from seeing that to go into a another store to see them stacked in cups with virtually no room to swim is absolutley awfull, it makes me wonder how those places actually treat there other animals as well....People that don't have respect for a living creature discust me.

Swim in peace little guy
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