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Glass surfing

After reading the other thread on here about glass surfing I thought I'd ask about it.

One of my girls is a glass surfer...ALL the time. I've put plants towards the back where she "surfs" to try and get her to stop but she doesn't. I'm going to re-arrange the plants to they are right up against the wall when they grow a bit more.

I have 4 girls together (I think they are all siblings; I got them together at the same time from the same tank; I've had them about 2-3 weeks [cycled tank] and in that time there has been 2 slightly bitten fins that is it :))

What can I do to give her stimulation?

I tried putting a mirror up for them to have a flare at yesterday but; the 4 of them crowded around it and looked at it; that was it. No flaring lol. Since I have had them I saw one instance of flaring at a fish and one at a mirror for a split second.

In the tank I have bog wood with anubias attached; the bog wood forms a little cave and it splits the tank in to 2/3, 1/3 in the back 1/3 behind the bog wood there is a cluster of elodea and in the back of the other 2/3 there is a bigger cluster of elodea; I have an ornament in there which they use to hide in and I have some unknown plant shoved at the front (it was a hitch-hiker; leaves about an inch big; so I thought I'd try and plant it; if it grows great, if not, no worries).

For my male I have a turkey baster and he likes to chase the bubble up and down the tube and watch and try to eat the bubbles that come out of it; I tried it with the girls yesterday and no interest; they do however like trying to eat my bracelet lol.

I might try them with a ping pong ball actually; but what else can I do? :)
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I'm guessing the tank is at least 10 gallons--so space shouldn't be a huge issue. You could try adding more decorations and plants, as well as placing new objects outside the tank for the bettas to study and examine every day. You haven't had her that long, so it doesn't seem like she should be a permanent glass-surfer, but some animals do have neurotic behavior so ingrained that they can't help but do it--if you've ever seen a dog who's had to live in a puppy mill or a kennel, you'd know what I mean, or those tigers in the circus that do nothing but go in circles all day. That sort of thing.
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I don't know. She's done it from the time I've had her :(.

My plants are now shooting away so I'm going to take cuttings and plant them to make it bushier and to try and block some of the view:).
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