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Old 07-26-2010, 05:29 PM   #1 
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Sorority Blues

So many people seem to be having issues with sororities lately, I figured a thread to rant a little might be nice?

When I first started my sorority, things were a mess. Everything was ready with the tank and I bought my girls. Within 3 days, two of them had died. When I went to the pet store to get replacements and talk to them about it/have my water re-tested, they had four more dead in the store. Clearly something was wrong there, but it was so sad! And very discouraging.

At this point, I had three girls because I was told that a sorority would be fine as long as there were at least three. We all know that that is wrong, so my girls wanted to kill each other. I put the three in separate tanks and kept them that way for a few months until they were all strong and healthy.

Finally, about a month ago, I was ready to put it all back together. I bought two new girls and set everything up again. Then of course, they all develop a case of ich. I lost one girl, and came very, very close to losing another.

Now my remaining four are healthy and getting along well. Until the other day, I find one of my girls has had all her fins destroyed and has one scale hanging off of her. Into the hospital tank she goes. WILL THEY EVER ALL BE HEALTHY??!!??

Thank goodness the other three are getting along together! *sigh*


Anyone else? heh heh
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Old 07-27-2010, 09:26 PM   #2 
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Arg!! I'm starting to think I'm just not made to own fish! :(

I've got yet another problem with one of my girls.

She swims only close to the top of the water in the tank, and when she's not moving, she tips over on to her left side and floats on her side. She has still been active and she has good colour. I suspect a swim bladder issue because she seems to be struggling to swim downwards as well- she keeps floating back up to the top. She's found a spot between the tank glass and a plant so she sort of perches herself to stay more I've started fasting her and I'll give her a pea in a couple days in case she's constipated.

Any other ideas/ suggestions? Should I isolate her?

She's in a ten gallon sorority. It's heated and lit. 50% water changes weekly (the last was three days ago) with tap water conditioner/de-chlorinator and Stress Zyme. The water is 78 degrees. She last ate two days ago and had 2-3 pellets.

Thanks everyone. You guys are life savers!
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No idea of how to treat your poor girl. Maybe someone else can help there?

My sorority seems to go along pretty good then....wham...a couple end up with tails torn up. Who knows what is going on. I think that a couple of them are growing so much that they are re-adjusting the pecking order. I don't know. Just when everyone looks great and I think I should take some pictures of them with fins the time the camera appears.... torn fins. Oh well...they are like most girls in school. Flare ups happen!
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