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Ok, So I changed her water today- treated it with 1tsp Epsom salt/gallon, Prime & Stress Coat (for my water treatment) I dont always use Stress Coat, but since she is sick I thought it may help- any thoughts on that? As well as I added 1/4tsp fresh minced garlic. I added her in, the garlic pieces are floating around in her tank- I assume this is ok? She is not showing any real obvious signs of change-good or bad... So I am ok with holding out for some good changes :) Also, I gave her some frozen Daphnia today, and she mostly rejected it- I saw her eat a few small bites and not spit it out- Which she has been spitting it all out all the last time I have attempted feeding that to her.

Again, I appreciate SO much all the advice coming my way and am open to more! Lil appreciates the love:) Also, Aletheia- I hope your Betta gets better! I think its safe to say they would not have found nearly as much love and care elsewhere! :) :) Stick with it and stay encouraged!

Here are some pictures I just took after her change a few minutes ago:(those are the garlic pieces floating in the water, btw)
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Looks like you're taking very good care of her. Keep observing and hoping for the best. Is the container she is in now heated? Have you tried the pea treatment? I've been doing the pea treatment with my betta and he always poos the peas the following day (however the bloating/lumps do not reduce) which I think is why he has an internal bacterial infection.

She also looks like she might have clamped fins. Maybe someone with better knowledge might be able to shed some light on this.
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Ok, So- Lil' is not looking great at all. I had her in the garlic for two days- heated tank, epsom salt, and the Prime & Stress Coat (for my water treatment)- plus i was still fasting her, with the exception of her maybe eating a tiny bit of the frozen Daphnia I attempted giving her. Today she seems to have gotten worse:( I looked at her tiny little self up against the light and I basically could see through her( almost.. it was just nothing-ness on her back end of her body), plus her tummy is really swollen still. Her scales are not raised or anything like that, but her color looks worse and she is much more pale today. Any thoughts on where to go from here? I am so sad! I feel like she is starving to death- if it is parasites.. The Metronidazole is still being shipped. She wont eat anything at all! I have dropped food right in front of her face and she just ignores it- I tried Daphnia, a soaked pellet and a soaked blood worm- just to see if she would be tempted.. and nothing.. I just dont know what to do at this point. She seems pretty labored.... Here are pictures I just took of her tonight.
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I think your best bet is waiting on the meds. I would still bet on parasites of some sort, sadly. Shame she won't nibble on the garlic :(
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