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Slow-growing fry

Hi everyone,

Currently, I have two spawns going, one in a 10-gallon, one in a large critter-keeper. The fry in the 10-gallon are growing on schedule (though there are size differences), but in the smaller tank they seem to have plateaued in growth.

I have recently started water changes, and I am feeding BBS twice every day.

Should I be doing more drastic (or frequent) water changes? I've been doing about 50% every few days. Should I be feeding them something else? More often? Could it be the tank size?

Perhaps should I transfer the fry in the critter keeper in with the ones in the 10-gallon?

If anyone has advice that would be appreciated. Thanks!
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I get good growth and development in my fry by making 50% daily water changes once I add or start feeding the fry-one-to dilute the stunting hormone the larger fry emit-two, to remove the DOC to stimulate G/D from fresh clean water and to build strong immune systems.

I feed several different live foods-BBS are good-but once the BBS absorb their yolk sac the BBS have very little nutrition and poor nutrition can cause other problems and stunting or death from starvation. Once the BBs have absorbed the yolk sac I supplement the BBS with an HUFA supplement and I don't feed the supplemented BBS until after they are about 2 weeks old, until then they get NHBBS, infusiora, other micro critters that grow in my NPT.
I add white worms, daphina, seed shrimp to the mix in small amounts later and mosquito larva in the 5-6 week area
My feeding changes with the seasons and what is available- and with the fry themselves based on G/D.

I also start to separate the smaller fry from larger fry as they grow-you will have different sizes in the same spawn due to different hatch times, the eggs are dropped at different times and so they hatch at different times, some can be several hours different in age and that can make a big difference and the stunting hormone can also play a big role in different size fry.

I have found water temp has a role as well, too warm and the eggs can hatch too fast causing weak poorly developed fry with compromised immune systems and deformities.
Too cool and eggs tend to develop/hatch too slow and you can see more deformities and health issues-often sudden death or the male eats the eggs due to fungus or poor development.

IMO/E-you need to increase the water changes, a more varied diet/more often, separate the small and large fry/more tanks.
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