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Unfortunately no pet store bettas can be seen as show quality. It is highly discouraged in the betta community to breed pet store fish. Why? Because pet store fish are mass produced without much thought to the negative characteristics being passed on. A beautiful fish you see at a pet store shares the same genetic background as the tail biter in the next cup and the one with the kinked spine a few cups over.

Many fish in pet stores are also stunted from poor conditions at the store and at the breeding facility--this means they are often older than they look. The younger the betta, the higher the yield of healthy viable fry. At a year old, bettas are generally considered past their prime unless they have experienced superb care throughout their lives--which is not the case for pet store fish. Even with excellent care, you can't stretch a fish's prime breeding period that far in most cases.

Also, if you don't know what the genetic background of this fish is--how do you proceed with breeding? There's no way to predict what you will get, so you will end up with a lot of culls and undesirable fish that will be difficult to place in homes. If you think about it, big time commercial breeding facilities are cranking out these fish and thousands are dying in pet stores--unpurchased. Who is going to want to go out of their way to take your fish if they're the same thing they can get at the pet store?

Anyway--enough rambling. To answer your question, pineapples aren't really that desirable with most breeders since the goal with nonred fish (oranges, yellows, cambodians) is a clean bright color without any black pigment. Pineapples express fairly strong black pigment, so they're not very well sought after.

As for the female, personally, I haven't ever seen halfmoon or even delta females at my petco. It's likely the female you saw was a plakat or a crowntail or a veil tail. Breeding any of these tail types to a halfmoon or a delta would result in veiltails or veil tail combtails in the case of the crowntail--not the most desirable fish.

As for the doubletail, some people use them in their halfmoon lines to promote a wider dorsal base. People don't deal with doubletails as much because you only ever get a certain percentage of double tails from a spawn--so you shouldn't really bother unless the fish is a halfmoon doubletail, so that the single tailed fry will still be desirable. Breeding double tail to double tail has a high yield of deformed fry, so you must always pair a double tail with a double tail "geno"--that is, a fish that carries the doubletail trait, but does not express it. Often you cannot tell if a fish is doubletail geno without the breeder telling you so, another reason why getting a fish from a breeder is a much better idea.
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You would have to determine your plan/goal in breeding.
I don't agree on not breeding pet store bettas as long as you use the same tail type, and if possible, color. Though they have mixed genetics, two good quality parents would probably produce a fair number of similar quality offspring.

You should read more on genetics to determine what tail type and color to start with. If you plan to produce your own line, I suggest you start with solid colors. There for you don't need to worry about color and can concentrate on finnage. Once you have a definite desired tail form, then you can mix colors.

If you breed HM's, make sure the female is HM or at least super delta. Hopefully this will ensure HM offspring. Don't use VT or RT because you'll get more non HM. Try to avoid HM that aren't actually HM (this is often difficult because in my country breeders would rather cull over stocked perfect HM females - I'm not sure how breeders are in the States). So if your LfS doesn't have female HM's, you would need to get one from a respective breeder.

If you crossbreed HMDT - HM, you would get HMDT with uneven lobes. But you may get great geno's and HMDT (I wouldn't bother because it's only a very small percentage - if lucky). I'm not sure about HMDT - HMDT, I haven't had any problems, but since Adastra advises other wise, ....... well I'm not sure.

I wouldn't crossbreed CT to anything. You may often get uneven/unsymmetrical, rays. Yes, you may get comb tail etc. but I advise you to crossbreed after you have a definite line of your own.

Good luck.
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