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betta appetite

okay so heres the quick story, my previous betta LOVED these BettaMin flakes, i also fed him NLS, but the thing is, my new betta does not like them at all!!!! so weird, he just swallows it and than spits it back up, is this because hes new or he just doesn't like them???

i also have Omega One Betta Buffet Pellet and kensfish HBH betta pellets
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I'm not quit sure myself, but I can offer what little knowledge I do have! Bettas do often spit out there food once or twice if the flakes (or food item) is to large for them to swallow whole. Its a form of chewing, or so I've been told? I don't think its abnormal for the betta to do this sort of behavior.

Although! It may also depend on where you got the betta fromm, and what they were feeding to it. For example, breeders might choose live bait over anything else, and so if you had purchased the betta from that breeder, it may just be adjusting to its new food source? <--- This is just a theory, although I couldn't see why it -wouldn't- make sense.

On a side note, my betta also did this at first with both his BettaMin flakes and freeze dried blood worms. Now I crush the BettaMin to as tiny as possible without it become dust... <.<; lol It seems to work out. also, I've recently been pre-soaking the freeze dried blood worms in a cup of his tank water, to soften it up for him.

Until a more experience response appears, I hope this helps! ^_^
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Your betta could still be adjusting to his new home and may not want to eat at first. It could also be the food. Not all bettas like flakes and some can be VERY picky eaters. Kokonoko is right about the food may being too big for him/her to eat. One of my bettas did the same at first and I came on here to ask the same question. I say try giving him/her different food. Try Hikari betta bio-gold. Hikari is a great brand and a lot of members use it. The blood worms might be to big also so try to brake them into smaller sizes.

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mmhmmm okay that seems logical, ill try tonight when i get back from work and ill tell you my results =] thnx
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