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Will adding 5 Neon tetras overstock my tank? Will it be too much for my female betta

I currently have a 20 gallon female betta sorority. In this tank there are 6 female bettas, 4 platys (3 female/1 male), 4 Otos, and 2 ADFs. The tank is planted with live plants, with the temp being around 75-78 degrees. I really would like to add another type of fish and Neons would be great because they look awesome and are small. I was thinking of getting 5 but was wondering if this would overstock my tank.

On AqAdvisor is says if i add the 5 Neons i'll be at 120% capacity and will have to peform a weekly water change of 39%. My filter is an Aquaclear 50 but i also have a spare 20 gallon filter that i could add to this tank so it has 2 filters. Also, on AqAdvisor it says my Filter capacity for the above fish is 123% and they say if its above 100% then you are in good shape.

In conclusion, would adding 5 Neon tetras be too much for my tank? Would it be too much for my bettas to handle?
If 5 neons are to much any other suggestions for fish would be great.

My AqAdvisor can be found here:
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If AQAdvisor said your stocking would be at 120% I would trust that. That's way overstocked according to my opinion and AqAdvisor pretty much backs me up on that.
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Will adding 5 Neon tetras overstock my tank? Will it be too much for my femal...

Aqadvisor is very conservative with regards to stocking capacities. In mine and many many others opinions, 100% is a lightly stocked tank. And that's a good thing, because anyone using aqadvisor to determine their stocking levels should be stocking lightly.

HOWEVER, being a "sorority" tank changes things, for all the reasons given in your other thread.

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I'd be afraid it would be stressful for the neons, actually. Five is the minimum number for a school. I got 10 for my 54 gallon tank, and they were fairly shy still until I added 10 rummynose tetras. The 2 kinds of tetras now school together, and the neons are not timid at all anymore. In fact, they are the second fish (behind the piggtastic harlequin rasboras) to swarm my fingers during feeding time.
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