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Yea, I suppose its not to alarming -.- Fortunently at my wal-mart they have a very awesome employee who throughly cares or the bettas there.
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Originally Posted by JosShavaughn View Post
You should see the bettas at my walmart.

There was only like 4, and they were obviously the leftovers before the next shipment, they looked terrible. I wanted to buy them all and give them a proper home, but I couldn't afford to even give one a proper home. All I can afford is Zombie's proper home.

I have fallen in love w/ Betta's and I will get another one when I get my financial aid refund check. I'm going to buy Zombie a 5g tank w/ a filter, then buy a new heater for that one, and then give the new betta Zombie's old home, since it's all set up. I think I'm going to buy Zombie this castle I saw at wal-mart instead of his log. Although I do like being able to see Zombie to make sure he's okay, so I may just buy the new fish it's own hollowed out log, and let Zombie keep his.
So begins the Betta Bug.

I know exactly what you mean. It's horrible to see those poor fish. But, as someone (idk who ) said, "No one can do everything, but everyone can do something."

Really, I don't think that any one chain of petstores is responsible for neglect. I've seen really great Petsmarts, bad Petcos, and pretty decent Wal-Marts. When it comes right down to it, it's the individual store and/or employees.
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Yes its very cruel. But if you see it at the PetSmart director's POV, its a different thing. They cant possibly put every fish into a 1g / 2g tank. They wont be making a profit at all. In fact, a lost. Im not encouraging bettas to be kept that way. But they dont have a choice, since its for them making a living.
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Old 08-06-2010, 12:30 AM   #14 
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Thanks. I think I'll send this link to the lady that replies to my original query at Petsmart.
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The cups should have holes in them. My biggest concern is the fish are sometimes stacked on top of each other, blocking the air holes.

Its not an ideal method of keeping the bettas but it is the middle ground between what is cost effective and what is good for the fish. I would personally like to see LESS bettas being stocked so more room and attention could be provided to them.
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Little Veiltail
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I agree with the previous post. Sure, if they sell less bettas and keep them in proper environments, it could drive up the cost of the fish, but I really wouldn't mind paying extra for a pet that I'm sure is happy and healthy. =)
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Our petsmart has the same lids, but instead of popping out the middle hole, they leave it in which has teeny holes in it, and just leave the top (not securely on) so they can feed. So when you try to pick up the bettas in the back row, and you can only pick up the lid area! Ah I've almost dropped a few because of those stinky lids, because they're too lazy to pop out the hole. Oh and they have cups stacked on top of eachother too, like 1fish2fish stated.
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