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I love that 4th picture. What a great shot!
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Originally Posted by TheTrojanBetta View Post
I almost got a Canon! We went with a Nikon in the end because my mom has one as well, and some other lenses that she said I could borrow whenever. I was so close though! XD
Thank you so much! :) That's actually first on my list of lenses to get; I've seen some pictures taken with macro lenses and they're just so awesome! I'm not sure which one to go with though, and I have to save up the money first. If I don't get one in the next seven months I guess there's always Christmas.
My marco is really nice. I am still figuring out lighting with the photos of my fish. But it is lovely. I have a Canon Rebel SL1, which is one of the newest versions. I got it for my birthday as well.
There is a great website to get camera stuff on (cheaper then retail). I will post the link when I remember what it is called.

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Originally Posted by TheTrojanBetta View Post
Laserflair62- I know that feeling! I'm already really bad at deleting and sorting through pictures, whoops.

Tree- Thank you very much! :) That means a lot coming from you, I've always seen your pictures around and they are gorgeous.
I was actually wondering about that! I'm still trying to figure the camera out; so far it seems that the sports setting is best for the fish, but that's about all I really know that I'm doing. I'm still not the best with all the technical terms.
If you don't mind me asking, which settings do you use?
No problem. =) and awwww thanks. ^^

I LOVE to use the "M" setting (Manual Exposure) on my cannon. It brings out the colors of the fish so well and it will make the whole betta crisp clear without too much blur. Or you can use "TV" Shutter priority AE You wanna make sure your flash is on with the "M" setting because it will just be a dark photo indoors. I have my "M" settings like this:

Shutter speed: 1/125 -1/1000 depending on how much blur you want.
Aperture: F16
Iso Speed: Either Auto or 1600 for indoor scenes.
White Balance: Auto
Af Mode: To Al focus. (I have mine on MF "Manual focus" cause my lens is having issues doing it on it's own.) <-- hard to do when you are photoing a fish. XD
Drive Mode: Continuous shooting. (though the flash makes this mode slower.)
Metering Mode: Evaluative Metering

I hope this helps somewhat ^^; this might all look overwhelming to some people. LOL
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