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Old 05-06-2014, 10:54 PM   #11 
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You can do a fish in cycle, which is the way to go with a betta, imo. Follow the guide here:

I think letting him chill for the night is great. To help him adjust, why don't you float him in the tank, to slowly acclimate him to the different pH?
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When I moved Lir from his unfiltered 3 gallon over to the filtered minibow, he freaked out on me and hid in his cave for 2 days. I think some fish just take longer to adjust to a filter, especially if it was a bit strong at first.
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I'm worried now that this may be more than just stress. I read that if a betta is subjected to ammonia, it can put him at an increased risk for disease. His fins are still clamped this morning, still lack-luster, and even in his 1 gallon happy-place, he's still lethargic and barely moving from the leaves near the top of his tank. The tips of his fins are still curled some, too (And I thought I saw some velvet discoloration, but I'm probably mistaken). I know these are still all signs of stress, but I just feel like his signs are pretty severe. Or maybe I just have a very dramatic fishy. :/

Still debating on whether or not to present him to his new tank again or not when he's not acting himself yet.... Especially if he might be sick. Also a little nervous to do that because I'm going on vacation for 1.5 weeks in a week, and not sure if my novice betta-sitters will be able to properly care for him and be as sensitive to his signs as I am. Oye. So much deliberation. :/
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Tank pH is 8.4 - what is the tap?
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The last time I had the tap checked, it was within conservatively normal limits, but I don't remember the exact number. I'm about to go out now and get a Master Test Kit, then I will let you know the tap pH, the 5 g tank pH, and his 1 gallon tank pH (along with the other tests). Is there anything else I need besides the Master Test Kit?
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I say get some "Prime", as it helps nutrify the ammonia for 24 hrs.... 2 drops per gallon....
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So, turns out the tap water is 8.0, after all. Finn and I moved here (to new tap water source...) a week ago, but I've slowly been introducing him to this water, so I wouldn't imagine that change in pH is what is causing him to act differently.

Here are my water levels for the tap water, the 1 gal tank that he is in currently, and his new 5 gal tank:

Tap water:
pH: 8.0
NH3: 0 ppm
NO2-: 0 ppm
NO3-: 0 ppm

1 gal tank:
pH: 7.8
NH3: 0.25 ppm
NO2-: 0 ppm
NO3-: 0 ppm

5 gal tank:
pH: 7.8
NH3: 0-0.25 ppm
NO2-: 0 ppm
NO3-: 0 ppm

Since I'm going out of town soon, I've decided not to put him back in his big tank until I return because I won't be able to monitor the levels carefully every day (and I don't think my sitters can monitor the levels + him that closely). And hopefully, in the mean time, my big tank will begin its cycle!!

I bought him a national geographic mini heater for his 1 gallon in the mean time.... Will keep people posted on how that works since it's a new product!! :)

Okay, so now for my questions..

Obviously I need to do a water change for him in the 1 gal since he has an outstanding ammonia level. Would you guys recommend a 50% water change or more? And if so, how often?

As an update to his condition, he looks like he's doing better.
-He still has some horizontal stripes on his body, but they look a lot less pronounced than they were last night. That part definitely makes me a little bit happier! :) Do you guys know how quickly stress stripes will disappear?
-He's swimming a tad bit more, and is preferring the top of his tank to the bottom. However, he's still not swimming all that much, and his fins are still clamped down.
-The tips of his fins are still curled, even though my LPS told me his water was soft. Do you guys think it's from the change in pH after we moved? And from what I read, then, I shouldn't worry too, too much about the curling fins, right?
-Also, I'm not sure I'm imagining this, but it looks like he's curling his body more often than normal, especially to the left. Also, for some reason, he likes tucking both of his ventral fins to his left side, so I'm wondering if that's a sign of a mild case of SBD. That would also help to explain why he's swimming a lot less, even in his little tank that he's normally so active in. Until now, I've attributed it to stress, but I'm wondering if that's another factor. I only gave him 1 shrimp this morning, and have decided tomorrow I'll fast him, just to be safe. Thoughts on this, too?

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