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Flame has ick!

How can I get rid of it? He has little spots all over him, and he's not as colourful. Other then that, he looks and acts pretty normal. I heard that turning up the heater helps, but what else can I do? I just realized it was ick a couple of minutes ago.
Oh, and how can I raise the tempurate if I don't have a heater?

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I would recommend putting your betta in a bare bottomed quarantine tank, this will be easier to do 100% daily water changes. The tank should also have aeration,ick is known to attach itself to fish gills making it difficult for them to breath and as cooler water has more oxygen than warm this is essential when raising the water temps. Add about 1 teaspoon of aquarium salt per gallon of water and change the water 100% daily adding the same amount of aquarium salt each time, you should continue the treatment for a week and if the ich is still present visit your LFS for an anti ich medication.

You should also carry out a 50% water change on his main home, cleaning the decorations and gravel, If I am wrong someone is bound to correct me, so stay tuned for people with more experience than me
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