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Smile Newbie with Tank Questions

Whelp I finally got my first Betta fish and I'm looking for a good tank to house him in. Right now he is in a temporary [I can't stress that enough] temporary .5 gallon tank just to get the little guy home since he was a... well somewhat impulse buy.

I had been intending to get one for a long time but the day I did was rather random and I just need to pick up my new check to get him a new home. I fell in love with him the moment I saw him in the store and I figured he would have a better shot at life in a temp .5 gal then me leaving him in that tiny waste coated cup :C

So that being said what tanks have worked well for you? I don't have near enough space for a 10 gal or larger but I do want something that will make him a happy little fishie.

Also no I'm not keeping him in the bathroom and the quality of this image is horrible. XD I promise the water doesn't look near as murky as the plastic makes it look

This is Commie who is now far away from his 'friend' Kamau. [I can pretend they would have been friends ha ha]

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Congratulations on your new fishy friend! He's a handsome boy. Anyway, if you have the money, I highly recommend the Eclipse 3 gallon from Marineland. It's a little expensive for its size but the filter is perfect for bettas because it's very gentle. You mentioned you didn't have a lot of space, so this would work well. They make a 5 gallon version of the tank as well if you're interested in more space for your fish.

Here's a vid of it, too.

Just add a heater and voila! A nice betta home. The initial investment for fish keeping is a little pricey because you have to buy your tank and equipment, but once you get started it's very cheap to keep up. Good luck to you and Commie!
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Welcome to the forum!

Walmart sells a couple of good kits that are 5 gallons each and $30 or under each. They come with the filter and a light. Great deal that you won't find anywhere else. Go to and google fish tanks and you should be able to find them.

Also you will need a heater unless your house is at a CONSTANT 80*. Bettas are tropical fish that need constant temps of 76*-82* ish, never above 86*. Walmart sells OK heaters, but they are not adjustable (being adjustable will help A LOT should he ever get sick). I recommend this heater (apparently it comes in a package now, but everything else can be used except the bubble wand). The siphon will come in handy for sure. EDIT: This same seller sells 2 gallon tanks made by Marineland (the best tank-maker) - highly recommend these as well and you might be able to get him to combine shipping!

Do you already have food and water conditioner?
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That seems like a great little tank there derpmeister - I'll look at a few more if people post but that one is on the list of possibilities. I'll also check out to see what they have to offer.

I have food [got two different kinds of Betta food to see what he preferred c:] and of course conditioner. C: While my area inside homes stays around 80-70 degrees sometimes it dips at night so I fully plan on getting a heater.
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