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Red face Probaly stuiped question

hi all i am going to get a female betta this saturday (WOOOOOOOT)
and i was thinking of breeding my male and (going to be) female is there any thing i will need for the fry?
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You will need some live food, bbs, microworms, vinegar eels for sure is a good site for what you will need to breed your fish
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Research is key (; I'd say hold off until you've researched thoroughly. Breeding bettas, while highly enjoyable and wonderful to do, takes quite a bit of work. Even the most accomplished owners end up having trouble. Wait a couple months and study up in the meantime. You might want to try breeding with higher-end bettas, to create beautiful fish with good lineages, not pet store bettas who have questionable backgrounds and probably will creature multi-colored "mutts".
Remember that each baby betta, which if you get lucky could be around 100, will need it's own house eventually, or else there will be chaos. It'll cost quite a bit of money (at least 100, most likely more) and you'll have to have buyers for them, or you'll end up with 100+ bettas! Good luck! Take this seriously, though, since we all care for our fish very, very much.
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Before you even consider breeding you need to research. Not only does it take a lot of money but it also takes a LOT of time to breed bettas. Not to mention that you need to have a basic knowledge of betta behavior to be able to judge what is normal spawning practice and what is two fish trying to kill each other.

The amount of research needed to be done cannot be done in one day or even one week. It takes months of reading and contacting breeders and asking questions. Even then you can make mistakes that can kill all your fry.

I also suggest you save up your money and buy a nicely bred fish. Look at all the fish dieing in pet stores.. why create more of them? Instead of taking bad genetics which can take several generations to correct start out with good genetics. Learn what a nice betta looks like, learn what colors mix well with others and how to get the color and finnage you want from your fry. Then contact breeders and look on aquabid and ebay and find the fish that you want. You don't have to necessarily buy a sibling pair but you should start out with a nice male and a nice female whose breeder can give you information on their genetic backgrounds.

Above all have a reason for breeding. Its not enough to say "I want to experience it". There are hundreds of thousands of fish dieing each year that never make it to good homes. Unless you have a specific goal in mind, that you are willing to work on over years with tens or hundreds of fish, you shouldn't breed.

When you say you are going to breed people are going to ask you what your goal is, not only in the one spawn but in the future spawns. If you can't answer that question you are not ready to breed.
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Couldnt get a female but got a pretty red/orangeish crowntail male
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