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I use the one I had for keeping plant cuttings in by a window. So if I ever need that extra java moss/hornwort/bit of java fern for anything--there it is.

I don't think that the hex tank is terrible, but the incandescent light definitely isn't very good, and the tank doesn't provide a lot of horizontal swimming space. If I wanted to use it again, it would probably be for a temporary purpose and I would keep the light and the filter off. That's me, though.

I really prefer the Marineland Eclipse tanks, now that I've gotten a few. I love the design of them, they are a bit pricy compared to similar kits, but I have found them to be good quality, and if you get them online they're not so bad. If you get them used, or any acrylic tank used, you should take into account that acrylic can get terribly scratched if you don't take care of it, so make sure you inspect the tank before you buy.

If you ever think of upgrading to better heaters, I recommend these: they're only a little more expensive than the minis, but they offer great temperature control.
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Ahh... that is a great idea for the extra plants... didn't even think of that. At least I can keep the plants for the future.

Thanks for the reccomendations on the tank and heaters. My male betta, Mr.Fishey, does have an adjustable heater, which I love, but got it at a local pet shop, so it was a bit pricey. This one you suggested does cost less! I am also currently looking at tanks... he is in a 3 galloon kritter keeper right now. He seems to love it in there (actually started building bubble nests - thought he just wasn't a nest builder before), but I would like to upgrade him to something cycled in the near future!
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