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I'm Back!!

Hey guys!! Sorry I haven't been on in a while, i've been so busy, i've been neglecting alot of my online associates lol. Please forgive me :puppydogeyes:

So, since i've been gone, I lost Peel =(. I left the house for work in the morning and he was swimming around and acting like his usual self, and when I came home, he was belly up, on the top of the water .

I vowed not to buy another fish, as I'm trying to save to start another saltwater tank. I still have my 4 other buddies (Seoul (VT male), Patch (CT male), Cloud (VT male), and Tiny (VT female)), and they're all happy and healthy. Seoul has grown to be about 4 or 4.5 inches long now, he's gigantic. I got Tiny a 2 gallon bowl to swim in, and moved Cloud into Patch's 2.5 gal tank (of course i cleaned and sunbleached it for a couple days).

So, like i said, I vowed to not buy another fish for a while.... until i went to the petstore today just to kill some time with my girlfriend. I went to look at tank setups for my saltwater trigger tank i want, and as i was walking down an aisle with freshwater fish, I saw something that made me want to break the store managers legs. I passed a tank with a bunch of tiny.... i think they were tetra's or something... and something caught my eye. Stuck on the intake filter, was a betta. He was so exhausted, he couldn't fight his way off the filter. I started yelling at a store worker to get that freakin fish out of there. She was like "well where am i going to put him?" I said i'd buy him, i didn't care the cost, and proceeded to school her about the proper care of bettas, about how they don't need current, and need access to air. She just rolled her eyes at me. When the fish guy walked over there, he took me aside and said "Thank you, I don't agree with keeping our bettas in there, but they won't listen to me." They had a split tail in another tank, but, i couldn't pick him up today. He was in better shape than my new guy. I got him a "fancy" critter keeper for now, it's about a 1 gal. He's in shock. I got him a little home to hide in, and he won't come out.

Anyway, introducing Bud (you guys, check out his tail.... then guess how much they sold him to me for):

And, Tiny's new home:

And for those of you who don't remember me.... This was the first pic of Seoul I posted:

And for those of you who really don't remember me, remember the purple plant? It's still mostly purple:

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Welcome back!! Is that plant real??!! If it is whats it called?
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Yes, lol, the plant is real. If I remember correctly it's called "generic live aquarium plant"..... at least that's what they had it labeled as at the pet store. Lol, I couldn't tell ya what it's called to be perfectly honest.
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