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I think it's wonderful. It will really help a lot of people. And I like the headers. :D
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Originally Posted by Administrator View Post
We're glad you were able to better your betta and are enjoying the community, ForbiddenSecrets.

I don't know how many of the 9 pages of this thread you read, but we are discussing improving our stickies, not imposing any kind of an official standard.

I've gone ahead and made the draft Betta Fish Care thread our new general Betta Fish Care sticky. Thanks, everyone! I'll hopefully be able to post a draft of an improved Betta Fish Illnesses sticky soon for your consideration.
Yes I read it and I think its great :)
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Hi, I'm a newbie here. I have extremely hard well water here (8.2). Could someone address this issue of using well water. I tested the water and all parameters were safe and normal, except for the PH. I used Blackwater to lower the PH. It brought it down to 7.6.

I know if I mixed my well water (2 gal) with 8 gal of RO water, my tank water tested at 7.4 PH. Some say not to use the Ph Up or Down, because you could get a "crash". Any other suggestions? I'm starting to "cycle" a tank, but can't make up my mind whether to do straight well water with Blackwater additive or mix with RO water. Can you help? Thanks. (I've read all the sticky's about cycling, but Hard Well Water is not discussed.)
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Betta Keeping Minimum Standards

The tank: Must be AT LEAST 1 gallon and have a heater that can keep the tank around 80 degrees 24/7 with little to no fluctuation in the tempurature.

Decor: Must not be made of any materials that could poison the water. If plastic plants are used they must not be sharp enough to rip the betta's fins making him/her prone to infection and disease.

Water: Must be kept clean and must have regular water changes and must ALWAYS be treated with some type of water dechlorinator!

Food: 2-3 pellets once a day is a good amount to feed your betta.

Other: Do not put two males together or a male and female (with the exception of breeding) and no females unless a sorority is being formed under certain conditions. ( 10 gallon tank ect.)

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Thanks, I had all that covered. Tank: 10 gal. Heat: 80 degrees. Decor: All silk plants. Don't need chlorinator, am on well water. Am aware of Bettas not being put together, etc...
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I think you should start a new topic about this in the Betta Habitats section, you'll probably get better responses. If you're mixing RO water with the well water, you should have no issues. Bettas can adapt to hard water, and bacteria may be a little slower getting started, but they will still colonize the tank easily. After all, people with African Cichlids have cycled tanks. :) Just make sure the betta is acclimated very slowly with each water change, since the mixture is never going to quite match the old mixture. It still might be a good idea to use dechlorinator, it removes some heavy metals and other toxins from the water. And it's good to have around if you ever sterilize a tank with bleach or potassium permanganate.
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Even if the Ph is slightly higher then the normal recommendations they will slowly adapt to it. My water is generally 7.6.
Sounds like adding the blackwater is working well though. I would go with that.

To measure your tap water more accurately you should fill a small container and let an air stone run in it for 24hrs and then test the PH...(info from Oldfishlady)
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Thanks. Good suggestions!
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