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Originally Posted by LittleBlueFishlets View Post
I would keep using the Epsom salt while treating with API General Cure. It looks like he needs it to keep from bloating like a balloon. Poor little guy....

Yes, I think he'll stay thin like this until he's able to eat more. He's just not eating much, so he's really thin.

Can he tolerate the brine shrimp? If so, I would feed him that. He could use the nutrition.

I've never used it, but a lot of people on this forum recommend VitaChem. It's a vitamin/amino acid supplement that gets added directly to the water. (The ingredients looked fine to me.) The people who have used it reported good results. It's available through the Drs Foster & Smith website.
ty for the reply, i'll get his ES salt dose a bit lower along side API general cure. he has no issues eating brine shrimp, which is great news for me as I now have all 4 current betta accepting that food. i'll feed him the brine shrimp every 2or 3 days to help him out. I think the time I fed bloodworms after brine shrimp made most of my past betta picky.

his stomach is only able to take 1-2 pellets worth of food when I feed him. brine shrimp seems to digest well for him. ive actually have been using vitachem quite often. I don't actually put it in the food but its present when I do any sort of WC. I could use it as directed and also use it to enhance the food.
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I think you should switch to a better-quality food, personally. Omega One pellets are a good choice, affordable, and can be bought at PetSmart in small quantities. New Life Spectrum is also highly recommended around here. Or, as LBF suggested, brine shrimp would be great.

Wheat flour and flaked corn being two of the first three ingredients isn't a good thing. I see a lot of fillers in that list, unfortunately.

Omega One pellets' first three ingredients are whole salmon, halibut, and shrimp--all good, high-quality protein. That's why it's so well recommended.

Good luck with your boy! A lot of people would have just thrown him away once they realized he had a problem like that. :(
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i'll look around for omega 1 pellets though there are no petsmart in Quebec. only 2 chain store names and then you have the store Aquatica (still a chaion store but new around here.) not too many good quality foods are in the store much less NLS. this omega one food is it the betta brand? which pellets are smaller size? from what I can guess the NLS pellets are smaller than omega 1.

I could say that this VT was my 2nd rescue betta. the first was a mild fin rotted round tail VT, heater went awol and cooked fish. this orange VT was the 1st one that I got knowing it had SBD issues. the seriousness of his issues only came to me recently but I was prepared for it more or less.

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