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Question Aquabid- Couple Questions about Transhippers

I'm looking into buying my first overseas Aquabid fish this week...I have a couple of questions I couldn't find clear answers to. Sorry if the info is already out there and I just missed it!

First, do I need to inform my transhipper of my intent to purchase before bidding, or do I contact them after I've won?
Also, do people normally need to use whatever transhipper is nearest to them, or can I safely use any transhipper in my country? I have asked for quotes from three of them in the US. One was kind of short with me and didn't even give me a price quote despite that being half of my question. One was really nice but a little more expensive. One was super nice and helpful with lower prices, but is across the country. Is that going to be an issue?

If someone's next shipment date is a little ways off, is that normal for the seller to have to deal with? I'm assuming they'll just keep taking care of the fish and then ship it out once the transhipper's ship date is closer...right?

Finally, has anybody dealt with Jesse from Aquatic Life Support in Florida? His website is very informative and he was extremely quick to answer my email, which made me feel much better about the prospect of dealing with him for my new baby...but it's hard to find information. When I look up information about US transhippers I mostly only find info about Linda Olson and Julie Tran.

Thanks so much for any help you guys can offer!

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I'm rather interested in the first question as well. On some Aquabid pages, they'll state that you have to inform certain transhippers (with their names) before you make any purchases—but most pages don't state this other than the Australian one. I don't think it would hurt to inform your transhipper of your future purchase ahead of time. If anything, I think it would help them out instead.

I'm also interested if anyone has received their bettas from Jesse as well since he's in Florida and he's the closest transhipper to me.

Sorry I wasn't of much help. But I've never bought any fish from Aquabid but the more I spend time on that website, the more I get convinced to buy something lol.
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lol no problem and I know exactly the feeling! After I found out how much it costs after transhipping fees I thought wow I'm never going to be able to do this, but I've been allotted one reasonably priced overseas fish just for my birthday and I'm so excited!

The only problem is, once I do it once, seems pretty likely I'll end up doing it again, haha
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