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this probably sounds really stupid but where?
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U just click on her username and u'll a box asking u what u wanna do, scroll down to "get user profile" and voila! Her profile, the pic albums are on the right side.
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So just like we have a big market for stuff the thai realized that there was a huge market on the betta splenden. Most of the breeder's can't speak english, so most of the time you will be buying from a fish broker. This is someone who will buy the fish from the breeder for less than half price and post it on AB, Because they can speak english. Now you do have some very good breeder's on AB that are real good to deal with, they know just enough english to be able to pst fish and e mail's.
The next thing is we are paying top dollar for these fish and the thai are not, From a couple brokers and breeder's I talked to. There is a huge market, like as big as a mall like a flea market. That all breeder's set up table's and they do a auction and everything. These fish are only selling for 3 or 4 dollars american money then being posted on AB for 25.00 and 30.00 sometimes 50.00...

The next thing is there is a DOA on the fish, so if you open the box and have a dead fish. You take a picture without opening the bag and you will be replaced with a knew fish of equal value. This is when it's nice to be dealing with the breeder's and not the broker's, because with the breeder's they will send you a spwan brother or sister so your still getting the same genetic's you were buying into...

Also when buying a betta from over sea's it can be a mess there is....
Import fee $$$
handling fee $$
So you paid for the fish and all the fee's, let's say 25.00 fish 2.00 import fee each fish and 5.00 dollar handling fee. So now your at 27.00 for one fish, But this is where the fun happen's. Your fish get sent to a trans shipper, most of them hold the fish for a day to let it relax and see light.
But then you have to pay everything over again, Your trans shipper is going to want... 2.00 - 4.00 dollar handling fee plus a 5.00 dollar box fee and 32.00 for express shipping so the fish gets to you in 1 day and trust me you want express. So you just paid about 50.00 - 60.00 for one fish or 90.00 - 100.00 fo a pair...

I find that if someone is looking for a nice betta and dont want to deal with import fees then is a good place
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Yes I've ordered from there and even got a free female :) Its totaly fine. All our petstore bettas come from Thailand so if they can handle goin across the world they can handle a few states (if thats where you live and the breeder you're buying from is as well).

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Ive done it to, but i didnt have the best experience. I bought a beautiful copper and black HM male for over $50 with shipping and everything included. It took him alot longer then expected to get to my house, and he arrived almost dead with no color or anything. His photo was beautiful but he looked like dirt when he arrived. The stupid mail carrier also did not ring the bell like they were supposed to and just left him out in the hot sun. But that was just my experience. Will i do it again? Yes when i have money/time/space. For now, i can find beautys at my Big als.
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I've looked at aquabid, I think it is okay. :)

I wanted to ask something related to safe sights, but I didn't want to make a new thread.
Does it matter if a website has https when registering (and you have to put name and email and address)?
I signed up to a website that sells aquatics but it was not secure and i'm worried about it, haha
If anyone can help me out too, that would be great!
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