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What can I get?

I just upgraded my betta from a 2.5 gallon tank to a 7 gallon. I was planning on getting an African dwarf frog and a mystery snail to go in the tank too. Would this be fine? Or if I plan on getting fish instead, what would be the best option? I kinda figure it would have to be small fish. The tank is heated and filtered. I do have an air stone but I have it off until I get a better one since it is to strong for my betta.
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maybe one or two oto catfish? they stay pretty small (1-1.5 inches). So if you follow the one inch per gallon rule:

3" (2 otos) + 3" (betta) = 6
Do note that ottos need a source of algae or at least some sinking pellets. And from my understanding they tend to do much better in planted tanks.

I dont know of any other fish small enough to be able to fit without overstocking the tank.

You could also get some shrimp. They have relatively low bio-load so you can keep more of them than fish.

Snails. Some snails are very messy though you you'll have to do your research.
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snails are pretty easy, but you need plenty of algae, and a good tank clean up plan. They get rid of algae, but add lots of waste. Shrimp get rid of algae too, and produce less waste. and ADF's are a good edition to any tank, but contrary to public belief, are kind of hard to take care of, because they need to eat things that are right in front of them, and things that will sink to the bottom before the betta gets it.
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