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Question A Question On Fish Size?

While I'm not acutally planning on breeding anytime soon I sometimes amuse myself by hypothetically guessing what x female and y males fry would grow to look like. [Since genetics fascinate me]

Well looking at two [my male my GF's female] I was struck by their sheer size difference. So it got me thinking... when picking a pair [when not using siblings] do you try to get decently close sized fish rather then teeny female and huge male or does it not matter? [Assuming the male isn't too vicious and won't brutalize her]

Just curious c: I like to know as much as possible if I do one day decide to do this.
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Generally it's best to have them around the same size. It's better that the male is bigger then the female rather then vise versa. The male has to be able to embrace the female and sometimes they are too chubby to be embraced. LOL
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Although I have successfully spawned Betta that are different in size by as much as twice-be it male or female....I have found as doggyhog posted- that when the breeders are closer in size or female a bit smaller than the is much easier as well as less stressful for both me and the

Sometimes it can be difficult for smaller males to embrace larger females especially if this is the males first time-I have had experienced females get pretty upset with young male when they can't get the job done and sometimes the female will try to kill the male and/or destroy the nest in her frustration.

When the female is full of eggs it can also be more of a challenge for the male even when they are close to the same size

In one spawn the poor male (first time spawn and half her size)- kept popping off as he tried to embrace, he would go into the trance as she (her third spawn) sat waiting for him and dropping unfertilized eggs and at one point she started to pick the eggs up and blow them toward the nest...kinda sad and she sure looked confused until she dropped enough eggs and he could get a good last.......this spawning went on for nearly 8 hours and 100's of eggs later...I did get a good clutch and healthy fry however.......

The male doesn't actually squeeze the eggs out of the female- but their vents need to be approximated for fertilization to occur-some think that the sperm also gathers under the nest as well to ensure that all eggs are fertilized and I tend to agree......

Spawning act of the Betta splendens is an awesome dance to watch-from the flirting to hatching and.......then the spawning act itself........ still to this day- is one of the most beautiful acts to my opinion anyway........
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