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CORIES! They are hardy, cute, and super fun to watch :P I have 3 Julli's and they're awesome. Make sure to get at least 3 though - they are schooling fish.
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what type of fish do you have in the pic FulieQ

i have the same fish and im trying to figure out what it is

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Originally Posted by Adastra View Post
Honestly, you'd have the least amount of trouble with a nerite snail and possibly a school of pygmy cories. Since pygmy cories are so small, you'll be able to easily fit a whole school of 6-8 individuals. Plus they're super cute.

Platies, guppies, and mollies I don't really agree with since they can be both aggressive to the betta and illicit aggression from the betta, besides, all prefer harder water conditions, and bettas are a soft water fish. And I don't know, the idea of an out of control colony of livebearers in a tank as small as ten gallons kind of frightens me, lol.

I don't really recommend otos for newly established tanks. All otos you find in pet stores are wild-caught--this means that they are extra sensitive and very unwilling to accept prepared fish food. Many eat exclusively algae, and of all the algae out there, they only eat a few specific kinds. If you have a new tank, you don't have a supply of algae readily available to feed these guys.. so they will starve to death. Many are near the point of starvation already since there is not ample algae in the pet store.
I'm glad you posted that out about the ottos, I forgot about them being in bad health already, so yea.....:)
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Well, one of my bettas happily shares his tank with a shoal of pygmy cories. My other betta would murder them instantly.

Basically, whether or not you have tankmates depends on your betta's personality. If he turns out to be more of a mass-murderer, you need to be prepared to remove either him or the tankmates, thus having a second tank to care for.
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I got myself 5 ghost shrimp. So far, he has chased after them and scared them. He seems really fascinated with their tails. I think he's gotten used to them now though because he's just swimming around ignoring them.
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they tend to have that reaction to each other.
when i introduce ghost shrimps to a tank that they may get eaten in i alway always alway :

aerate the bag for gas exchange
leave them in the store bag for first day no food
second day drop in some peas *ghosties love peas*
third day morning peas then after 6-8 hours from drop i scoop out the ghosts and drop them in the tank.

i do this cuz i have noticed most ghost shrimp come is poor enough health that they die in 24 hours or live just fine. i feed peas cuz it is a healthy choice food for all but my bettas and even bettas can handle the ruf***e that is half digested in the shrimps gut. then if they are eaten i all i am out is a 20 cent snack for my other pets :) and i know not to use them again for that tank.
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The otos love zucchini and/or cucumbers. If you slice about 1/4", microwave it in hot water for a minute, soak it in cold water, then sink it in the tank with a small bag clip, your otos will be happy to chow down on it for days. That's what mine love. Plus, the zucchini won't pollute your water quality nearly as much as algae wafers can.

I've got two otos in a 10 gallon (started off with three) and they've done quite well with me. I lost one of them early on but have had the others for almost a year. My fish have to be hardy too because I go to college and bring them back and forth from my apartment back home a few times a year.
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Originally Posted by stormy View Post
what type of fish do you have in the pic FulieQ

i have the same fish and im trying to figure out what it is

What, the betta? He's a turquoise veiltail. Pretty generic, but I love him. c:
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