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Ich outbreak :(

So I had bought 6 black neon tetras at petsmarts $1 a fish sale. A week later,all of them plus my glowlights had white spots all over them. Within days all were dead(12). Only survivors are 2 harlequin rasboras. They were unaffected. I am treating the tank with aquari-sol,10-14 days but how do i know if its good since they arent affected?? LOL.

Also I am scared to even add more fish like ever. I would post in the regular forums but my posts tend to get overlooked,heh. Guess I should post more eh??
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This is why it's always prudent to quarantine new fish and add new fish slowly so that your biological filter can keep up with the waste produced by your new additions. I think your downfall was skipping quarantine, adding too many fish at once, and using an ineffective treatment. I don't believe copper sulfate based treatments are worth anything but the plastic used to make the bottle it comes in--in my experience, they have been completely ineffective. Next time you run into external parasites, I recommend a malachite green based treatment such as QuickCure or Jungle's Ick Clear, in my experience they are much, much more effective. It is a pity you lost so many fish. You should do a very thorough gravel cleaning to help get rid of the extra ich cysts that are probably laying around the bottom.
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First-I would QT any new fish before adding to the display tank for at least 2 weeks, 6 is better.......

When fish are stressed they tend to come down with everything and it is so much easier to treat in QT without risking all the fish-and then you have some fish that are more resistant than others too.

I treat ICH by following the parasite life cycle-depending on what tank, fish and how bad it is-I will either turn up the heat (86F), sometimes I use aquarium salt if the fish are salt tolerant, (most times I don't use salt), the big thing is vacuuming the substrate to remove the parasite manually. I sometimes use a two cup method when it is just a mild case or just a couple of fish that are infected.

Since I don't use any OTC medication I can't comment on the product you are using, however, I would start a daily substrate vacuuming regardless to manually remove any parasites.
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