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Old 09-26-2010, 01:29 PM   #1 
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Am I doing something wrong...

Or have my pairs just been incompatible? My second breeding failed, again because my male beat the female up pretty bad. Am I doing something wrong? Or it is just the fish?

Here's my set-up
10g tank with about 5 inches of water
50w heater with the temp at aroun 86*F
Java Moss
IAL extract
Bubble wrap, and a lid for bubblenesting sites.

My situations:
First spawning attempt was with a Cambodian sibling pair. The male didn't build a nest. All he kept doing was harrasing the female.

Second attempt the male built a nest, but he tore up the female pretty bad. I contacted the male's breeder(Marinismommy) and she was actually surprised that the male was too aggresive.

So am I doing something wrong here or have my pairs just been incompatible?
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Did you condition your pair?
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The first pair was conditioned for 2 weeks and for the second pair the male was conditioned for 1 week and the female was conditioned for around 10 days because she was being conditioned for my other male that passed.
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I would separate the male and female to different containers (neither in the spawning tank) so that they can't see each other-and feed lot of good meaty foods, if you have access to live foods like mosquito larva or other fish fry all the better, but frozen food will also work. You need to re-condition them for at least a week unless you have live foods and then it can be done in less time. You also need to make daily 100% water changes on them-this is part of the conditioning that is often left out...its not just food and keep them on a 12 hour photoperiod.

In your spawning tank-cram it full with either live plants or silk to the point that nearly the whole tank is full except for a small area in the location that you want the nest (you can remove most of this after they spawn). I would also fill the tank full to the top with water, no filtration, common snails are also good to add-these will help in clean up before and after spawn as well as help produce natural foods for the fry...get the water temp in the 80-81F range

The breeders in their little container water temp needs to be in the 76-78F range (76F is best) once you get them conditioned-first thing in the AM drop both in the tank at the same time-you want a temp shock (this can help trigger spawning) and neither will have established territory-if you have enough plants in the tank the female should be safe-you need enough so that it is hard for the male to get through them but the female can to get away-(when she is ready she will go the the male)-more water volume also help this-thus the full to the top with water.

If you have Indian almond leaf or oak leaves I would add them to the spawning tank and to the conditioning containers-a heavy layer of oak leaf on the bottom of the tank can help by providing places for the female to hide, production of natural foods, tannins in the water-having the water tanned a nice amber color can be helpful with hard spawn fish-if you have either a leaf from a sword plant or floating plants like water lettuce-they make good natural nesting sites

Other things I have found helpful is the use of rainwater-but you need to be careful and do slow acclimation when going from tap to rainwater (this should be done during conditioning)having water testing products for pH, GH/KH are helpful and recommended so you don't kill the fish.

If you set your spawning tank up right, condition them with both good foods and clean water, give them a temp shock and have plenty of stuff in the tank for the female you should have spawning within a few minutes to a week at most

Every Betta is different and you have to work on the spawning trigger more with the hard to spawn, over aggressive, first time breeders.

I can't stress enough about the importance of fresh clean water and live food either....they are so important.....
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Location: Mexico
Thanks for the post OFL!
I'll be sure to change some things with my set-up next time around.

It's going to probably be a while until I breed again, so I can save up to buy another nice female, since I don't want to put this one through the same thing again.
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A conditioning set up that has worked for me is a 10 gallon with a plastic canvas divider filled with 3 inches of water. I add the styro cup for the male. My temp is usually 75 degrees. Feed them frozen bloodworms and Hikari Bio gold Betta food, twice a day. Keep their water super clean, changing at least 1/2 gallon a day.
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