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Advice on starting first tank

Hello all!
Just wanted to find the best advice on how to set up a betta tank the proper way. I've had betta's before, but always in those little tiny tanks they sell, but after being educated by a friend on the board, I'm ready for my own!

I picked up a 5-gallon tank today, and want to get it started, so I have a few questions.

1) Should I get decorations (plants, gravel, etc.) before adding water and starting cycle of tank?
2) I got a "water conditioner sample" with the kit, will that be enough to even out the tank chemicals, or do I need a kit?
3) And what is proper food for a betta, other than the betta-pellets?

Thank you in advance, I'm so excited to have some nice betta's, and just need to find the fish! LOL
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1) YES! You want the tank completely set up (minus fish) while you're cycling. The decorations and gravel will give the bacteria more space to grow. By setting your heater arouns 82-84 degrees you'll have bacteria grow faster in the tank so your cycle will take less time.

2) You will need to use the conditioner for your water. But if you're cycling you'll need a few more things. You'll need a water test kit to test your nitrite, ammonia and nitrate levels through your cycling.

3) Betta pellets are a good food for betta. The best is live food, of course but frozen bloodworms are a great meal for your fishies!

I'm very glad you;re asking questions before you get your fish! Good job!
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How long does it take to cycle a tank? Or does it depend on how long it takes to equalize the chemicals. Also, is there special gravel or plants that betta particularly like?
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My tank took 12 days to cycle with Dr. Tim's Live Bacteria and pure ammonia fishless method.

My bettas love their live plants. :)
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