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Help (tank attack)

Hello users,
I am new here. I bought a betta (my first) about a month ago. I went to petco, saw one and impulse bought it, I now see that was not the right thing to do. So after having him in a 1/2 gallon fish bowl with no places to hide, I upgraded my betta (Eli) to a 2 gallon bowl. I then came on here and saw all the nice filtrated tanks that had great planets and decorations. I decided that not having as much water change responsibilities would be nice and Eli would be able to swim around. So I put him in his tank on Monday. He seems really happy and swims all around, he plays in the filter stream and is adapting to his new plants and decorations nicely. I had noticed him hanging out along the glass walls and occasionally finning up. I was concerned but he seemed to stop and so I wasn't sure if he could see himself. Today I bring home a new plant and clean it and add it too his tank. (All plants being the silk kind) When I came back from washing my hands he was up against the wall finned out, with his side gills (by his mouth) out, air bubbles coming out of his mouth, and he seemed to charge at the sides. I know that once they see a reflection, they assume it's another Betta and then attack. I got him out of there immediately (after I tried covering the outsides of the glass with paper. What do I do? I want him to be in the larger tank, and I don't want to have spent 150$ (all things together, being new and clueless is expensive) for him to swim in a small and nasty bowl. I'm envious of the Betta with large tanks on here..... why is Eli so upset?!
Any answers would be helpful. Thank you so much!
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Flaring is normal. If you don't want something to expensive you can get a big plastic tub (usually what I use). They're not very decorative but he can't see his reflection, they're cheap, they're big, and with a little creativity can be just as decorative as a betta in a regular 10 gallon tank.
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he probably sees his reflection in the glass. is there any light source nearby? you might want to angle it away from the tank.
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He'll get over it. My fish used to flare thrash around when I kept him in his old square glass container. he stopped after a while...
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