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Ammonia neutralizers are for people who have a small level of ammonia in their tap water already. Some water treatment companies actually release small amounts of ammonia into the water supply which can be problematic if you're keeping fish without a cycled tank.

If you don't have ammonia in your water naturally, I would skip an ammonia neutralizing product--water changes are the best way to remove the danger of ammonia. If you can find some live plants like java moss, java fern, or anubias, they make a big difference in how quickly the ammonia in the tank builds up. They consume ammonia as their form of fertilizer. If you can find some, I highly recommend adding a small clump of java moss to your tank.

I also suggest you consider upgrading the fish to a container that is at least 2 gallons in size--they make very cheap "kritter keeper" style tanks that are light and easy to clean. A larger container will mean less frequent water changes and it will allow you to use a quality adjustable heater which will help greatly improve the health and longevity of your fish. If you can manage to get a larger filtered tanks, the level of maintenance required decreases dramatically, so I hope you give it some thought. After all, how you choose to house and maintain this fish will have a significant impact on your lifestyle for a few years to come.

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So now that we have started the salt bath/methylene blue treatment, how long would it be before we knew A) If he was going to be ok and B) How long it would be before his fins grew back.

Also regarding the methylene blue the instructions you provided were slightly different then from the proprietor of the aquatic shop that we purchased. The shop advised a one time salt bath and adding the meth. blue to the tank and that should be significant, what's your opinion on this.

We appreciate the advise and time you have provided us in getting our fish back to health.
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Well, a lot of factors go into determining a timeline, especially when you're dealing with a cold-blooded animal since their metabolisms work differently than ours. Warm temperatures, pristine water quality, a quality high protein diet, and to a point, genetics, will all contribute to his speed of recovery.

As for his fins growing back, since the dorsal is completely gone, it probably won't come in very quickly or very well--if it comes back you can expect it to be twisted, ruffled, or misshapen. As for the other fins, luckily, your guy is a veil tail, so the fin should come in fairly straight and more quickly than tail types with lots of more delicate branching like halfmoons or deltas. This will depend on heat, diet, genetics, and sanitation just like everything else.

As far as if he will recover or not, you'll probably be able to tell best by his behavior. If he shows interest in food and goes after it, he is expressing his will to live. If he is alert and reacts to his environment, his outlook is even better. If he is listless and shows no interest in food, his prognosis would be quite guarded..

As far as the instruction you've received from the pet store--as I mentioned earlier, I don't have any personal experience with treating infected ulcers so I'm really just going off of reading I've done from other sources. However, the experiences I've had at pet stores lead me to believe that they typically don't offer accurate information. Many employees have been given training that focuses on making the store money rather than giving you the proper tools to help your fish live happily, so take what they say with a grain of salt and always rely on the power of your own research.

Leaving in the methylene blue is definitely a good idea for a fish with an open wound like yours has--the bottle should give you dosing instructions depending on what other ingredients might be in it. Some methylene blue comes with salt added, so if you're salting the water anyway, make sure you account for that.
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