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ammonia straight from the tap?

Ok I'm kinda wondering what I should do here. When I did my water changes and tested it I noticed the ammonia reading was high, and this was fresh treated water so I did another test and I took water straight from the source one vial was left untreated and the other i put one drop of prime in. When I did so the untreated water turned very green whereas the one with the drop of prime in it didn't. I was wondering should I switch water sources or should I start doubling up dosage of prime for my fish?
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The best solution to this problem is to have a cycled tank. In a cycled tank, this ammonia will get processed very quickly and won't be harmful to your fish. Prime does detoxify the ammonia by turning it into less harmful ammonium, if I recall correctly, but if the ammonia is high enough that you have to overdose the Prime to detox it, you should consider another solution. Most pet stores sell reverse osmosis water (RO), this water is extremely pure, so you don't have to worry about anything else being in it, but it is so pure that it also lacks important minerals, so you have to add a remineralizing agent to it such as Seachem Equilibrium or Kent's RO Right. Many people simply mix the RO water with dechlorinated tap water to remineralize, but since you have ammonia in your water that probably wouldn't be the best idea. RO water is generally cheaper than spring water though--only about $1 for five gallons of it, and it is more consistent than spring water.
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