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Sorry Liz I'm sure no one meant to be rude. A lot of times Jr. High classes and the like try to undertake projects that really are just a bad idea. No one knew the information in your second post and could only go with the advice they knew which is - breeding isn't to be done lightly or for fun.

That aside OFL will give you better advice then I ever could I just hope that you don't take what happened to badly *hugs*
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I didn't see anything as rude. I look at breeding from an ethical standpoint above all else and all my posts will address the ethics of breeding if the questions are from a new breeder. If you come from a breeding background then you should already understand about breeding for the betterment of the breed and that requires knowing the standards of the fish and breeding for those standards. I am 100% against breeding ANY animal unless there is a goal in mind that will lead to the betterment of the animal. A lot of people on this forum don't agree with me but I do believe there are RIGHT and WRONG reasons to breed. To each her own but the whole point of forums is to get differing opinions.

I answered the questions from my point of view and perspective. In my opinion unless you are dealing with a very large tank that is very well planted with thriving plants and inverts, not to mention a seasoned filter there is no way to skip water changes. How do you remove the growth hormone otherwise? Not everyone has the setups that OFL has and it is misleading to say that everyone will have success doing things her way since she does have so many years of experience. Experience is gained through practice and it can't be expected for a new breeder to be successful using techniques developed over time.

Seasoned breeders say how easy it is to raise bettas, that causes new breeders to become lax and end up with more dead fish than necessary. I know this from experience. I read that water changes don't necessarily have to be done every day nor do they need to be fed every day, the next thing you know I go from 200 fry to just 1. It is always better to air on the side of caution than to tempt fate especially when you are a newbie.

Also, how are we supposed to know that you are a college student if there was no information on that? You would not believe the ages of people we get on here and it is more reasonable to expect a 5th grader to be posting this thread than a college student just based on statistics, so most of the replies are tailored to a younger audience.

If you do decide to go through with this project I do hope you stick around and let us know how it goes. No one here is trying to be rude or turn people off of breeding. We just want everyone to have all the facts so they can make an educated decision and not go jumping into breeding without knowing what it entails.
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OH I thought you were like in 8th grade (I am) SO SORRY if I sounded rude!

Anyway I agree with 1fish2fish, the breeding pair should be of more quality. Aquabid is a great start! Think about it, would you buy a betta with ratty fins and muddy colors or a nice finned, interesting colored betta?

I've been breeding for 2 1/2 years now and I still find it hard. With 12 gallon (upping it to 15 gallons next week) water changes everyday and constantly hatching and feeding brine shrimp not to metnion my adult bettas who also need care. It just a more difficult thing to put into action than it is to actually do it.

Also my main concern was those weekend issues. Betta fry (especially during the first month) need good food and clean water.

Betta fry excrete a hormone that stunts other baby fish. Large water changes help with removing this hormone and getting better growth out of your fry.

I'm so sorry if I sounded rude but this forum is super passionate about bettas and don't want dead fry.

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