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Two liters is half a gallon, right? This is an extremely small amount of water to support a fish. I highly suggest you upgrade to a container that is at least 2 gallons in size--that is about 7.5 liters. Most heaters are designed to be used in containers of at least 2 gallons and you won't be constantly under pressure to keep the water clean. In a .5 gallon container, you would have to change the water every single day to keep it clean--in a 2 gallon container, you'd only have to change it every 3-4 days and your betta would be able to have proper heating.

If money is a big problem for you, there are some very cheap options out there--the kritter keeper style tanks are only a few dollars, or another option to consider is a rubbermaid/sterilite clear plastic storage bin. A 2-4 gallon bin is only about $3 and they're totally safe for fish and safe to use with heaters. They're not very pretty, but it can help you get by until you can afford something nicer.

When you select a heater, make sure you get one that is 25 watts with an adjustable temperature dial like this one: since pre-set heaters and heater pads will overheat the water or not heat it enough depending on the temperature of your room--so chances are, a non-adjustable heater will just be a waste of money for you.

I would stop using Pimafix for now--pimafix is an antiseptic and a healing agent. It's useful in the same way that peroxide is useful when we put it on a cut, but if we had a cold, peroxide certainly wouldn't help us. The best thing for him is clean water and warm, stable temperatures. I would change the water every day in a tank that size, and move him to a place in the house that has the warmest, most stable temperatures (not near any drafty doors/windows/hot electronic devices/fans/vents, etc).
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Okay, thankyou, he seems to be improving, He is trying to eat now.
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Warmth and clean water are the biggest things that will help perk up a sick betta, try to get a heater as soon as you can if possible! He will be more active and will be stronger, helping him fight off disease(and feel good enough to eat)

I'm glad he is trying to eat!
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im getting him a 3 gallon tank on saturday
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Originally Posted by cassymingo View Post
I think my betta has Fin Rot, and im about to go and get him some medicine for it, i tried changing his water everyday for the past 3 days but he seems to be getting worse, and less active, not eating, even when i move his tree around to touch him he is rather in active, he has strange green dots. i will post a picture, please help!
First of all don't try to clean ur tank daily - and also my personal request dont catch ur fish through ur fishing net - please catch him with a big spoon and then put him in ur tank - becoz catching betta in a net may cause lot of harm to the fish and also his colour will fade. Please try to clean once in a week that will do
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Actually, yes, clean your tank daily. >.> Until you get a larger one, that is. Catching him with a net is perfectly fine as long as you're gentle with him.

Once a week is NOT acceptable for a tank that size, Binumee, the ammonia gets way out of control.
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I don't like to use my net for my betta unless absolutely necessary. I've got it so that Little Guy will willingly go into the cup I got him in for water changes or etc. with the promise of a pellet when he gets in :P I'm working on my new betta for that, but I've only had him a couple days so we've gotta build some trust :P I would think that using a spoon to catch a betta would be worse than anything else, they could easily jump/fall off of it. I do water changes twice a week, 50% each time, for a ten gallon split tank. (usually on wednesday and sunday, but I'll end up doing it tomorrow instead. Too late to do it right now, busy days =_= ugh)
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