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Purple Muffin reminds me of Betty Whites muffin skit on SNL.
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Originally Posted by Posaune View Post
Purple Muffin reminds me of Betty Whites muffin skit on SNL.
LOL! Love that skit! Purplemuffin has been my username since....4th grade?? I'm a sophomore in college now..too lazy to learn a new one!

I will be getting a betta after christmas, hopefully. I am flying home from college and it is a LOONG winter break(November-January!) and I don't want to spend 100 dollars to take him on the plane, and I don't trust myself to ship him properly home! I'll wait until I come back, because there is a big likelyhood I could be driving home the next semester, and I would feel much more comfortable with that! It's just a long wait! :) I'm getting impatient!!

I don't know where I plan to get my betta though, I would maybe like to purchase one off of aquabid, even though it's expensive and I don't plan to breed, I feel better giving my money to people who raise their bettas carefully then giving my money to a petstore giving minimum care!

If not, there is a nice aquarium shop back home, sells ALL of the main tailtypes, all the time(Nathan said he saw a shelf for each of these: Halfmoon, crowntail, veiltail, double tail(separated into double veil, double halfmoon, double crown tail, and just double tail that had sort of mutty ones), delta tail, plakat, halfmoon plakat, and females(each labeled with their tailtype too XD) It's crazy and they had a huge variety of marbles, dragons, and your average petstore betta, from 2.99-30.00 depending on the tail/color! :O It sounds impressive, and if the health of Nathan's little crowntail "red beard" is any sign, they are kept in great health! PLUS this store actually encourages good care of bettas, so I'm ok with spending my money there ^_^ The only issue would be the fish would have TWO long trips instead of just one, going to and from georgia!

I hope everything goes well with the classroom betta!

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I would ask one of our breeders here if you could buy one from them. We have several who are spawning right now.
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