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Red face Grabbing snails from the wild- bad idea?

First, I have a VT Betta.
I'm new to fish keeping, and I have been trying to research as much as possible on my betta. So my apologies in advance if I make some kind of idiotic assumption or mistake. I'm trying to ask questions before I do anything, I do not want to upset or kill my betta, or any new additions. (I never knew a fish could have so much character!!! )

Here is my question- we have a stream on our property that is loaded with small mussels and trapdoor snails. Would it be a really bad idea to maybe grab a couple of those and put in my tank? Could they carry some sort of parasite? Would quarantining them do any good?
Once introduced, they would be in a 5 gallon with my very laid back betta male. I doubt he would bother them as he rarely bothers the ghost shrimp.

Another question: if it's a bad idea to pull something from the stream, would a freshwater clam such as these somehow... maybe... possibly... even if one chance in a million....bite his tail? whew.... I'm sure that sounds ridiculous, but I'm new to this. Or would they just leave each other alone?

Thanks in advance!
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Reference Team
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I personally wouldn't do it, there's just too much of a disease (most likely parasite) risk.

If you do decide to do it, I would quarantine them for at least a month and only get the snails. Clams are notorious for dying easily in aquaria (they're hard to feed), and for making a huge mess when they die.
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I would not do so. If you really want to, i recommend quarantine for a month and get ONLY snails. Identify species you find and release any where you find them if they reproduce alot, have been known to carry parasites, endangered, or in water with a history of water pollution, introduction of invasive species (Parasites or harbours of them), or any golden algae. You can get the mussels, just make sure you give them a plentiful source of liquid food mean't for bivalves. But i wouldn't.
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I did that and then i had a outbreak of snails, i havent been able to get rid of them all, so be careful.
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Why? Snails are cheap.
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If they are trapdoor snails, they are live bearing snails so they wont reproduce as much and you need a male/female BUT they do give birth to one live snail everyday for like 2 weeks. You do need to actually feed them though and they like to lay on their backs with their meaty parts out (no, they are not dead). They are also more suspectible to water chemistry and if its not to their liking they will clam up and stay that way for days. After a WC they should come out of their shells in a few hours. ALso, I have to add powdered calcium for my snails.
I was able to sell alot of the offspring to members on here. Also they are not tropical, so they can be used in cold water tanks.

I took mine from a local lake but they were quarantined for a few months.
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Old 08-02-2014, 12:09 AM   #7 
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Thanks everyone, I will not do it.

Originally Posted by kevinap2 View Post
Why? Snails are cheap.
No local pet store for 2 hours. :) Only a Wal-Mart, and they only carry the minimum. (like bettas, ghost shrimp, and goldfish.)

I would like to eventually have some trapdoors, but I think I will wait until I am more experienced with aquariums and I will order them when I feel comfortable.
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