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Originally Posted by Drift View Post
I went to the cheapest store in the area, bought a new light bulb, heater, and medication, and plants and it was $56.
Now I have a 10 gallon so it will be a little bit more.
I would buy everything in steps, it might make everything financially easier, with the plants last and set it off to the side.
They do take a little more care, but I feel it's worth the money and time. My two CT's personality has blossomed since they got relocated to my planted 10 gallon. :D

Thanks! I'll try getting things in steps. I don't even have my tank cycled yet and have to get some substrate for it I'm just so excited to get started lol. I found this site yesterday, and it lists plants that can be added. Figured I could start out with some lower maintenance plants then slowly build up. Planted tanks always look so beautiful.
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Sorry to bump this so far up, but I was wondering, ont e gravel that says checks "No" to soft-belly safe... can you still use this for your betta? I -really- love the color of the floramax original!!!
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as far as "soft belly" goes that is more directed to loaches and corydoras (due to thier mouth design) i have to say however that Floramax is made of crushed lava rock, it is small but does have sharp edges so this may tear betta fins if they lay on the gravel. It grows plants exceptionally well and fish do very well in it too. its about $18 (15lbs) at Petsmart/Co. I have used Eco-Complete as well, its more rounded and i would consider it more Betta safe but that comes at a price if it can be found $26 (20lbs.)

if i were to do it over again i would go with Eco-Comp...few more bucks but allows you to keep loaches, cory's, and less likely to tear betta fins. I have a 10g with Buddha the betta in it for over a month now and have not noticed torn fins as of yet. hope this helps.
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