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Question Questions/Concerns! Please Help!

I just got my betta 2 days ago. He is currently living in a 1/2 gallon tank with gravel/ marbles on the bottom, a plastic plant, and a orange ball floating at the top. I will probably upgrade to 2.5 gallon tank on Wednesday. I feed him 0.5 pinch of flake food in the morning and scoop up with a net what he does not eat in 2 mins. He is not very active, and I am getting worried. He sits on the bottom, occasionally going to the top for air. What am I doing wrong? This is my first pet of my own, and my first beta. I will appreciate any help/suggestions.

Me and (insert Name Here)

PS I need a name suggestion.

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Call him Sleepy.

Have you checked the temp? Done a 10-20% water change? He could just be bored out of his mind as well.
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He may still be adjusting since he is new-do you know what the water temp is? he may be cold-also, in a half gallon I would do every-other day 100% water changes-unless you add some live plants....

You have a lovely Betta and welcome to the wonderful world of Betta pick a awesome aware its addictive......its hard to have just one.....laffs.....
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When I first got my betta I had to keep him in a .5 gallon tank for a bit.

He was much like yours - mostly inactive, but otherwise looked perfectly healthy. He ate normally and acknowledged my presence with some wiggling, but spent the majority of his time resting.

Once I got him into his 5 gallon tank, he goes crazy all day.

I think your fish just doesn't have room to move! He may also be cold and bored.

I suggest you read this thread


Edit: Also, pleeaaase change the water at least every other day, 100%, while he's in that tank. I tested my water daily and found that every other day was the time when the quality just started to deteriorate. Make sure you're conditioning it and getting the same temperature.

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Bettas are like potato chips! You can't have just one!
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Ooh, he's gorgeous.

What are you feeding him exactly? Is it betta food, or tropical fish flakes?

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Welcome to the forum and to betta keeping :D
(your betta is beautiful!)
It's a good idea to get him a bigger tank, 2.5 gallons is the minimum because you need to be able to heat it and keep it at a constant temperature between 76-80*F with a heater, so when you upgrade, try to pick up a good quality heater. (one that is NOT preset, seeing as those have been known to malfunction O_o). the only issue with the heaters is that they can be a bit expensive.

Right now, he is probably cold, and bored, and plus he really has close to no room to move. I remember when I got my first betta, and how he was in one of those for a few months before I joined this forum XP .

The flakes that came with that kit aren't really very good. I feel that getting betta pellets are better and have more nutritional valute (just make sure the first ingredient is some form of meat- fish or shrimp meal)

I'm not sure how safe that plastic ball is, you might want to take it out.

Good luck :)
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I have one of those little tanks and they don't even hold a half gallon. I measured the water out to see exactly how much it would hold. I recommend a 2.5 gallon if you can get one.
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While you've got him in that tiny tank you should take out most of that gravel so he'll have more room, just leave enough to barely cover the bottom of the tank.
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