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Question Two Questions Before I Get My Betta

I will be getting my first Betta soon, not sure when exactly. I've done lots of research on here and have fishless cycled my five gallon tank. However, there are a couple things I wanted to ask. First of all, I have a 25 watt Marineland Visitherm heater (bought online) set to 85 degrees F (for cycling, I will turn it down before adding the fish). The thermometer, which I got from Petco, has been reading at 81 degrees F. This seems like a significant difference, and I'm not sure which one to consider correct. Also, my apartment has been pretty warm, probably almost 80 degrees, so the heater shouldn't be having trouble getting it warm enough.

Also, I was wondering how exactly you guys tend to physically transfer the fish from the cup to the aquarium. For other fish, I've read everything from "Just open the bag and let them swim out" to "Don't let any of the bag water into the tank, net the fish out of the bag and put them in the tank that way". I thought the part about not mixing any of the original water in the tank might not apply since Bettas are kept individually. Also, netting a Betta sounds like a bad idea. So, how do you transfer new Bettas to a tank?
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Well, for the thermometer make sure you have a reliable one. Is it the stick in teh tank kind, or the sticker kind? I assume you know to keep it at 80 for the betta :P If you put the heater to 80 and it's still reading funny, maybe get a second thermometer to see what that reads as. That way you can tell if it's the thermometer or the heater.

For the fish, make sure you acclimate it correctly. Letting it adjust to temperature by floating the cup in the tank, slowly adding some of the tank water into it until it's mostly all tank water. I really just gently poured my bettas into their tank. I do the same when changing water too, lure them into the cup , give them a treat, change water, gently pour back in. One betta hates the cup, but the other is like "Whatever, give me my food!". ANYWAY :P Sorry for rambling. As for the net, always keep it on hand. Using it shouldn't hurt the betta in any way, but always be careful with it in the net. I actually bought a shrimp net because I thought it looked softer than the regular fish nets. The only time I've used it is when Starburst (the jerk) jumped over into Little Guys side and was beating up on him (in a ten gallon tank) That was a lesson learned in itself :P Keep the water level a good inch and a half below the top of the tank divider LOL

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I have the same heater in 2.5 gallon tank. I have it set at 84 and I had my thermometer a few inches away from it and it read accurately. Then I rearranged things and moved the thermometer across the tank from the heater and now it reads 2 degrees lower. So I'm guessing my tank water isn't circulating very well? I don't know, it is just what I think since my tank isn't filtered so maybe the water isn't moving around enough.

Also, I netted my betta the first time just because my betta's cup water was disturbingly dirty. I didn't want any of that in my tank. And if I got more, I would probably net them into the new water just because I'm picky about contaminating things lol.
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