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I've noticed several threads in which people describe their sick betta wedging his/her head under a rock. These bettas seem to be the ones that don't make it. I had this happen with my first betta, Indigo. I think now that it may have been caused by soap in the water, as I didn't know not to use soap to clean back then , but I can't be sure that's what caused it.

Now I'm curious. Who has had this happen to them? Does anyone know what causes this behavior? Has anyone ever had a betta do this and then recover? If so, how did you save them?
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Ive had 2 of my bettas act in this way, The first was suffering from Ick which I treated with Maracide. I took about a week to work but he is doing very well now. The other had a mystery illness, i couldnt see anything on him he just tucked himself under a plant for over a week, i decided to treat him with a mild dose of Maracide too and it seemed to work. Another of my bettas had constipation, a fed him with peas and he came good within 4 days.
I hope things improve for your boy.
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Sometimes they do this when they have parasites on their skin and are trying to itch them off.
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I think this is a form of hiding. It is the fish's natural instinct to act as normal and healthy as possible when they are ill, since predators will naturally target sick and weak fish. Hiding is part of this instinctual behavior, and when they're feeling so ill that they can no longer keep up the "act" and resort to hiding, it's often too late to save them. This is part of what makes diagnosing illnesses in fish and other small animals frustrating, they hide their symptoms very well.
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