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Cool What to put in...

Okay if this question doesn't belong in this section of the forums please re/move this. I wasn't sure where to put it.

I' ordered a 3 gal tank for my lovely Moe that will arrive soon. So I will be left with an empty 1.5 gal tank complete with mini heater and filter. None of my roommates want it so I figured maybe I could get something else to live in my 1.5 gal. I'm not sure if I want another betta in that small of a tank, even though thats probably what will happen...but do you guys have any suggestions as to other fish, shrimp, snails, algae balls would be fine in a 1.5 gal that you like?

And would Moe be alright in a 3 gal with a medium or small algae (marimo) ball?
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I'm not a big fan of these tiny tanks for any animals--it would be quite difficult to maintain a cycle in the tank, and although I suppose it would be possible to have a few dwarf shrimp with some live plants, it may not be stable and you would need to do a fishless cycle on it first or you may injure the shrimp. Personally, I would rather sell it on craigslist or use it for extra plants and a hospital/QT tank.

3 gallons is big enough to be cycled--I keep two of my fish in tank kits of this size. It's ideal for halfmoons and rosetails who use less swimming space than tail types whose fins don't inhibit their ability to swim actively. You may want to perform a fishless cycle on the tank before you put Moe in--I find that this method is easier than the fish-in method.
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