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Moved the delta and now his tail is ragged :-/

Yea....more tail issues...It was starting to expand out again after clamping during his last
tank move. I've been good about water changes & was super gentle when netting him.
I try not to net the bettas or traumatize them, I can catch all using the "mason jar sucking in & scoop"
method EXCEPT this guy. He goes almost in the jar, then dives down. Stinker.

BUT the good news...Today I scored free aquarium salt, anti parasite fizzing drops, and some
Melafix. :) Soooo how do I help his ragged tail?
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Old 10-29-2010, 02:22 PM   #2 
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Are you sure he is not tail biting????

Best treatment for fins IMO/E is fresh clean dechlorinated water from daily 100% water changes-if fin rot I like to do aquarium salt 1tsp/gal along with daily 100% water changes for 10 days in QT.

I pre-mix my salt in a 1gal jug to make water changes and dosage easier-I also like to steep dried oak leaves in the jug for a nice amber tanned treatment water and feed high protein diet to promote healing.
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Agreed with OFL--if you find that moving him is a source of stress, that's probably what caused him to bite his tail. You might be able to train him to swim into a cup or trap with food with a little time and effort on your part to help prevent this in the future. Until then, clean water and perhaps a little salt for a few days is the best way to go. Some studies have shown that the melaleuca in melafix can cause harm to the labyrinth organ in anabantids like bettas, you might want to do some research on it and reconsider using it.
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Thank you two for your advice. :)

I've got him in a split 10G now...I did a 90% change & used the salt as directed + water conditioner.
I hate to move him again, but treating him in a smaller tank would be easier. He's eating well & very
active. I'll pick up a hawkeye 5 tomorrow. You know his tail doesn't seem long enough for
him to bite...But maybe..?

I have some peat moss pellets meant for tanks...Will this help healing at all? A lower PH?
High protein, got it...more frozen brine shrimp...
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