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Welcome... I am new too. There is alot of helpful information here.... and alot of nice informative people!
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Originally Posted by cballas View Post
Welcome :) And you'll find a butt load of info on here, and many members are very experienced breeders.

I'm not one, but I think the underlying theme from all of them will be...Make sure you have prospective HOMES for all the potential SPAWN. It's cruel to breed animals without a plan on what to do
with the babies. And there could be well over 50+!

They are very cool & it's fun to watch babies grow, but figure out WHO will take them in
before venturing further. If you are doing this for fun, then most petstores will take them...Probably NOT BUY THEM however...They probably buy them from a big seller for like 25-50 cents each,
but they may just take them from you for free.

Fish breeding seems kinda like any type of farming...It takes hard work, space, & solid (and often pricey) stock. It's not a cake walk to breed a show quality betta that will fetch $20 or more on AquaBid or at shows. Not being negative! Just be prepared.
Thanks everyone for the welcomes!

I'm very aware that this is a serious thing and I'm not taking it lightly, I promise! I'm just researching and learning as I go and won't jump into anything.. of course my biggest fear is being stuck with 100+ babies, haha. I work at a pet store and I'm sure the owner wouldn't mind selling some (since we don't at the moment) and I was at another store the other day buying a new betta and the owner there said he'd be 100% interested in buying the babies off me too.. and of course I have friends etc. that are interested as well.

I'm really not looking to make money as I'm sure it's not a business where you can make a lot. But I do know that the company we buy our feeder bugs off of sells them for $2.75 to stores, which I thought was a lot considering you can buy them at a store for $2.99 lol. So even if they were sold for like a buck each to stores it would still cover some of the costs and make it a fun experience I think!

Anywho, like I said I'm way too busy right now to delve into this, but with some more research etc. I'd like to give it a try! We went to our big aquarium store today and they had everything I'd need so when I'm ready I shall be visiting them again!

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You are very welcome, let us know when you start breeding =]
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Welcome !!! i'm a bird lover too besides concentrating on betta. i have 2 big fat modena piegeon, and lots of bettas. hope you find this forum informative and fun to u!
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