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I'm probably going to get yelled at... but I didn't cycle my two 10 gallon tanks... I set them up and in my betta's went. They're were happy as can be.
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Originally Posted by Jazattackk View Post
Is cycling tanks bad for bettas? Because my betta dosnt seem to be bothered By the bubbles coming out of the filter, he actually sometimes plays in it. And maybe he just dosnt mind it becuase my filters dont make big currents.
I think you mean filtering, not cycling. Filtered tanks are good for bettas like any other fish. Cycling is the process of establishing "good" bacteria to process fish waste. During the cycling process the toxins of ammonia and nitrite will be present in the water which is very bad for fish. They are poisons after all! That is why cycling without fish is the way to go IMO. Larger tanks that don't get 100% water changes need to be cycled.
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Nothing against Kim, but I've had terrible results from doing a fishless cycle in the past and I've had fish for over 20 years. I will never do an entirely fishless cycle again.

Please check this website...
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Hmm...that's odd. I've cycled all my tanks that way- the betta tanks especially are very easy because the bioload is very low. Never had any problems in the betta tanks. My 29 gallon had one day where the ammonia went up to .25 (I was forced to add too many fish at once) but after that all was fine. JMO *shrugs*

Oh, and I know you're not trying to offend me ;)
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Old 11-01-2010, 06:27 PM   #15 
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I accidentally cycled my tank without knowing it. :D I originally got my 14g tank going all on what petco said, and I got my tank set up and the next day went back and bought 10 fish. Once I realized something was up, I tested the water and my tank had cycled it self. :D So I've never cycled before, but it doesn't seem hard, as long as you understand the basics.
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Well, I didn't cycle (mine were already cycled long before I got my bettas) but your tank setup looks cool!
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