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A few Questions about breeding :D

Hey guys im kinda new to the forum and have a few questions.
can you limit how many eggs are layed i seen some where on this forum i think and it said somthing about it i think the poster said and i quote "betta birth control" haha but here are my male and female. the female i just rescued from Walmart lol and she seams very small and that brings me too my other question she doesnt look mature enough to begin the breeding but they are just in like little double tanks and im gettin a 10 or so gallon from a friend around thanksgiving and was wondering how advanced of a setup i would need? thanks everyone! and thanks for making me feel at home here on your forum!
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Start up costs for breeding usually end up somewhere around $200. You need a spawning tank and a grow out tank, a heater, thermometer, live plants, fry foods, high quality foods to condition the breeders, jars once the fry are old enough, a sponge filter, and a lot of time.

In all honesty I don't think you should breed either of those fish. The female looks quite unhealthy and is probably already past prime breeding age, the male probably is also.

Are you planning on keeping the female in that tiny tank permanently? It is very small and will be very hard to keep heated. A tank that size needs daily water changes. She is probably stunted due to lack of care and I don't think putting her through the stress of breeding would be helpful.

Bettas are best bred from 3-6 months of age. Well cared for bettas can breed past this age but the viability of the fry lowers with the age of the parents. It is best if the breeders are allowed to spawn until they are finished and then culling should be done at a later date when the best fry can be judged against the rejects, who you then have to figure out what your going to do with. Are you prepared to kill fry with genetic defects? That is one of the hardest things betta breeders face but it is a necessity.

Also, you want to consider where your going to find homes for your fry. VT are very common and it can be very hard to find homes for the fry.
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thanks for the advice and i plan on putting her in a bigger tank when i get it which will be soon and shes healthy shes is swimming around and is very aware of her surroundings is very active but i was just think maybe shes just young she also has like a metallic purple and white as you can see but she seams healthy
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I agree with 1f2f you want to breed whats popular. Right now HM and HMPK are the "in" thing with bettas. A nice starter pair only costs about $30 plus shipping so I reccomend that instead of your fish. Also fry need daily feedings of live food, and daily water changes. The larger the tank used the cleaner the water will be and stunting hormone can be avoided. Also growing out is somewhat difficult in a small tank. My growouts are 16.5 gallon tubs. I change 90% everyday but at least half of my spawns stay super small. It's gotten to the point that I now move the big ones from the little ones. The reason for this is fry excrete a hormone that prevents their siblings from growing, when water isn't changed for a few days this hormone can build up to extreme levels and can permanantly stunt fry. No filtration system removes this hormone. Usually I set up my growouts a week before I move the fry. The size of the growout depends on the fry you have. So since my spawns are small I just use plastic tubs and transfer the fry at 2 1/2 weeks (usually 3 or 4 weeks). Also jars will need frequent cleanings. So there's some considerations on breeding.
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