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try using Attison Betta pro. i dont think bettas can resist that! or make them not eat for a while, then just give him the pellets. he will eat them as soon as they get hungry while thinking that they won't get anything better. take note that live food such as blood worms, mosquito larvae and tubifex are used as treats to bettas once or twice a week.
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my betta wont eat my hikari betta bio-gold baby pellets, i always thought he ate them but i was watching him swim around my 7 gallon tank until the floating pellets just drop to the gravel.

I always thought he ate them, any clue how i can let him adjust to these pellets?
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Old 11-09-2010, 12:35 PM   #13 
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Well praise the betta gods!

I got my other finicky eater (he's more just shy though in general), to eat 2 pellets & a blood worm (frozen), yesterday...He's warming up to me...He's in a kritter keeper w/ a mini heater now,
but Amazon sent me a cracked Eclipse soooo his upgrade won't be ready till it's exchaged. :(

And hurray! Chalupa ate some brine shrimp after he got his bloodworm. He spit it out then
chased it down the tank. Silly bugger.

Thanks for your tips everyone :)
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Picky eater eh?

Fred and Barney love blood worms but only as a treat. I use a toothpick (like a fish pole) and wait for them to pick the worms off.

Actually their diet is flakes in the morning and brine shrimp for dinner. Blood worms are their Friday night pizza.
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I noticed my guy's love krill, they love to play with the pieces as they sink and thaw, I feed them a really large variety of food, two kinds of pellets, F.D. bloodworms, F.D. brine shrimp, F.D. krill and Betta flakes.

Just remember to pre-soak your pellets and your F.D. foods in a tea spoon of aquarium water for a couple minutes, it makes them soft enough to eat.

I think one of my Betta's, my younger one, is a picky eater. But I feed him what I feed the other's and if he doesn't eat it then..., he'll eventually get hungry and pick it off the gravel.
I'm all about tough love for my Betta's and spending for different kinds of food.

As jmtriro01 said they will eat when their hungry!

I never tried the garlic thing, but lots of people swear by it. Hopefully someone who uses it will come around and tell u.
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