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Originally Posted by Drift View Post
Everyone has mixed reviews on the split tank idea. I find the best divider is to take the ones you buy at the store (you could buy a 10 gallon one and cut it down to size) and then use the plastic canvas you use for needlepoint/cross stitching instead of the clear plastic. It creates a better sight barrier.
I used that an a peace of frosted plexiglass with holes drilled in it and my two males are fine together. They've never flared at each other but maybe once or twice. The one is very calm and prefers stalking snails. The other suffers from Crazy Crowntail Syndrome, goes down to the corner where the water flow is the strongest and flares and moves back and forth rapidly on a daily basis. :)
I'm trying out my 2 other males, my halfmoon and veiltail who both have much stronger personalities than the other two with just black plastic mesh divider. I can let you know how they do tomorrow or Friday. :) With divided tanks you need to make sure there is no way for them to be able to jump over to the other side or you will have some severely damaged fins.
Make sure you use only aquarium sealant and follow its directions. Also if you use plexiglass make sure the hole are too small for a betta head to fit in it and get stuck but plenty enough of them to allow good water flow unless you plan on having two filters and heaters.
Make sure that if they don't work out you still have the space to house both of them separate. I have 3 spares 2.5's and 1 1.5 if ever I need to isolate my betta's again.
This all my personal opinion, I'm sure someone else will come along and add something else. :)
Can you tell me where you got the plexiglass?
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I did exactly that. Went to my local hardware store, had the guy cut a piece of Plexiglas to size and then I drilled 4 rows of 1/8" holes. The divided is self standing using gravel to hold it in place, nothing more.

Fred and Barney couldn't be happier.
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I recently got another 5 gallon hex and rigged up a homemade divider. I plan to frost the acrylic divider.

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Originally Posted by ReyesBetta View Post
Or even cheaper use a black pillowcase.
Lol of the day! Then again.... for me it's only 6:20 a.m
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