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Betta food

What is the difference between betta food and other fish food? Can a betta eat fish food that doesn't say is for bettas?
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Betta food is made for Betta's. Other fish foods often have veggies in them which can be hard to digest because they are meat eater

Stick to the BETTA fish Food

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Yes, definitely stick to foods that are for Betta's. I would recommend you purchase some New Life Spectrum 5mm Pellets or Atison's Betta Food.
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Old 11-12-2010, 10:38 PM   #4 
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Food for bettas is best and also variety too.
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Bettas are strictly carnivorous unlike many other popular fish like guppies who are omnivores. Many tropical fish foods contain meat and vegetables which isn't good for a Betta's digestive tract. Stick with high quality foods geared towards bettas. Make sure meat is the first ingredient in the food.

You also want to feed a variety of foods, feeding just one food will not keep your fish at top health. Make sure to not only have a staple pellet but also supplement with good frozen and live foods.
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Betta's are carnivores. Just read and compare the back nutrition and ingredient labels like you normally would buying human food
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